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Hiring an injury lawyer in Ohio: Avoid these mistakes

Nothing in the world can prepare you for an accident and its aftermath. Following a mishap in Toledo, you are possibly wondering how you can recover a settlement from the party responsible for managing your expenses, including medical bills. There are numerous law firms in Ohio, including grothlaw.com, that offer free consultations for potential clients. If you are hiring an injury lawyer for the first time, here are some mistakes to avoid.

Not asking for a case review

The first meeting with an injury lawyer is the most critical one. You get to understand your claim better and know the attorney in person. Always insist on meeting a lawyer when you schedule an appointment. The case review allows you to have a fair idea of what to expect as you file a claim. If there is insurance involved, the lawyer will explain the dos and don’ts you must follow when dealing with the claims adjuster. They will also share details related to the settlement based on preliminary facts.

Believing in guarantees

No injury lawyer can promise an outcome. Yes, a good lawyer can change what you get in a settlement, but they have no control over many aspects and cannot certainly promise an exact amount. Don’t be fooled to assume that the lawyer is telling the truth, especially when the words are too good to be true. An honest lawyer will tell you facts, what you can expect, and other details based on evidence.

Paying an hourly rate

Never agree to pay an hourly rate or a retainer fee to an injury lawyer. Regarding personal injury lawsuits, lawyers are expected to ask for a fee when they win. In other words, they get their share of the settlement, which is a contingency fee. The price of injury lawyers in Ohio may vary, but lawyers don’t usually charge more than 40% of the settlement. Beware of lawyers who want to talk about their fees before anything else.

Not asking about communication

You should be able to get updates on your case. When meeting an injury lawyer, ask them how you can communicate with them, and if they are busy, who in their office can answer your calls and emails? Experienced attorneys have a team in place to handle all things for clients, and there is never a communication gap.

Call an injury lawyer soon after the mishap to get an evaluation.