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Himiway Releases Three New Electric Bikes For 2023 Following Up from Their Successful Event

 The Himiway Pony Portable Mini Bike, Himiway Rambler Electric City Commuter Bike, and Himiway Rhino Dual Battery Electric Mountain Bike are among their new offerings.

Carson City, NV  USA On March 16, 2023, Himiway held a successful launch meeting for its 2023 NEW PRODUCTS. The company released the Himiway Pony portable mini bike, the Himiway Rambler electric city commuter bike, and the Himiway Rhino dual-battery electric mountain bike following the huge success of their highly praised event. More than 50,000 people from all over the globe tuned in to watch the event live on YouTube.

The objective of Himiway is to increase public access to e-bikes. In reality, younger people’s requests for a more portable, smaller e-bike for commuting and city travel led to the development of the Himiway Pony. The Himiway Pony has a strong 300-watt motor and lightweight, portable construction. The Himiway Pony is, therefore, the perfect travel partner. It doesn’t require any pedaling, and everyone can use it, regardless of height or gender, thanks to the adjustable bench height.

According to reports, the Himiway Rambler is the ideal electric city commuter bike with unmatched versatility and power, making it the best choice for long rides and complicated metropolitan roads. The Himiway Rambler has a strong 48-volt, 500-watt engine, a large 48-volt, 720-watt-hour battery, and hydraulic brakes for increased safety. Three colors are offered for the Himiway Rambler. The cost of the mid-drive and hydraulic version is $2199; the cost of the hydraulic brakes version is $1499; the cost of the conventional brakes version is $1299. Additionally, it provides a proven impressive range of up to 55 miles, which is extremely uncommon among modern e-bikes.

The final model they released, the Himiway Rhino, is a real beast—a dual battery off-road electric bike with outstanding speed and range. Early survey findings showed that the majority of e-bike riders prioritized bike range, and this is where Himiway Rhino genuinely excels. Himiway Rhino costs $2699 and has an impressive range of up to 80 miles. It is offered in two hues. Himiway Rhino has a powerful 750-watt engine, hydraulic brakes for increased safety, and dual battery system.

Customers can choose from a range of new Himiway models depending on their needs and preferences. The development of these new versions advances Himiway’s mission to make ebikes more widely available. Himiway’s new brand objective is to make it possible for everyone to enjoy e-bike transport freedom. On their website, more details about their newest releases are available.

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Himiway is a well-known international business with customers and operations in both North America and Europe. With the slogan of “green travel, pollute-free,” it has been using since its establishment in 2017, the most well-known long-distance e-bike expert in the USA has drawn a sizable audience and gained the trust of many businesses and customers alike.

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