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HeatWell Portable Heater Reviews (Beware!) Truth about HeatWell Heater Reviewed!

HeatWell is a portable space heater recently launch with triple heating action. It is sold at the official website only. It uses ceramic heating technology to heat well any room space. (HeatWell heater review)

Priced at a price between $50 per unit and lower than $100, HeatWell Heater promised to keep you warmed irrespective of the temperature.

With thousands of reviews so far, the Heat Well Heater is the most talked about portable heater in Canada and USA, the cheapest, and the best-selling personal space heater so far.

Don’t worry, it is best for your room and it will heat it within seconds. It is energy efficient, and user-friendly. I’m sure that it will improve the Aesthetics of your room as well.

OVERVIEW – HeatWell Heater Reviews

Sure, no doubt and I know you won’t be doubting it as well. The motion that this generation is blessed in all ramifications has no opposition. Indeed, Technology has revolutionized the way we do things and from statistics, the trends will keep improving.

Don’t be surprised to see more stuff just like the HeatWell Portable Heater did recently. Technology is improving at lightning speed and nothing will stop it. I can’t see it happening.

And this is not only in the personal space heating Technology. Science has touched almost every aspect of living. We have seen a lot of gadgets thinking that we have reached the climax not knowing that we are just starting. I don’t know about you but Heat Well Portable Heater invention left me thinking about what technology can’t bring.

I can’t stay in Ontario in mid-November without using my central heater. The weather is practically impossible to control. We are talking about a temperature in the region of 7 degrees Celsius. One of the lowest temperatures you can get.

Sure, we have spent a lot of dollars trying to live a comfortable life. One thing I like about the central space heater is its ability to heat the entire space even though the running cost is nothing to write home about. Starting from paying for experts to install and maintain it to paying for electricity which is increasing every day. Truly, it is a burden that we have carried for years and I’m happy to share my experience with it today.



(Heatwell portable heater reviews)

Again, I’m happy to tell you that there are a lot of solutions. This is one of the reasons we said that this age is blessed. Virtually, everything has a super workable solution.

We are talking about portable and personal space heaters. It can be cordless, and rechargeable with other features. Searching for the query: best portable heater we show you a lot of options with different specifications. Even as a tech lover, I can’t give you the total brands of portable heaters you can see in the market. Just to tell you how huge the market is.

Okay, Why not buy HeatWell Heater this year? I didn’t hear you mention it. Don’t you think that it can do Great things? Of course, you can try other brands. It is entirely your own decision.

HeatWell Portable Heater is one technology that shocked me recently. I have used many portable heaters and I’m quite happy with them. But I felt that you need to try HeatWell Heaters as it tops my list for this year. Not that the Once I have tested in the pass are bad, it’s just that HeatWell Portable Heater is my current best of them all.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know relating to heatwell portable heater, its specifications, customer reviews, expert recommendations, and where you can get it if you decide to give it a trial today.


(Heat well heater review)

HeatWell Heater is a cordless, compact, smart, and portable space heater that uses a ceramic heating system.

Like other heaters, it features built-in thermostats which switch power to the positive temperature coefficient array on and off in response to the room temperature. It is simple and can be installed without any technical experience.

Many people have been using it to heat their rooms and offices and it is so small that you can travel with it without any hassle.

From other reviews, it comes with small power, unlike other brands. It is so small That it can be packed in your backpack yet very powerful and efficient.

According to experts and my personal experience, HeatWell Portable Heater can effectively heat a 250 square feet sized room Within minutes and still consume very little power.

With some smart features like a built-in timer and temperature settings, users can use it without any stress. It doesn’t need to be permanently fixed, it can be unplugged just like your phone and plug in any position.

HeatWell Portable Heaters are exclusively sold online where they are priced at 49 dollars per unit. Thousands have been sold from launch and the number is still counting.

Many people are extremely satisfied with using heat well all long the winter. There’s no reason why you can’t trust the device with customer reviews in number. HeatWell Heater is selling like a hot cake with launch special offer still trending. This offer may not be available tomorrow.


With experts recommending it and consumer reports saying positive reviews, the HeatWell Portable Heater has emerged top 1 among 100s in the list of best space heaters you can buy. It is extremely cheap and it looks like the company is going to offer a lot of discounts when buying more than One.

HeatWell Portable Heaters are specifically made for indoor use. There are no claims from the manufacturer that it can be used outdoors and I haven’t seen or heard anyone talking about it. It is for your personal space, so you can’t heat every corner of your room. It is faster and requires less maintenance.

Unlike some heaters that claim to have an inbuilt rechargeable battery, but can’t last for 5 minutes of use, the HeatWell Portable Heater is not rechargeable so you need to plug it in before using it. Disregard any claims that it has a built-in battery. It still needs power from your wall socket and you need to pay some bills for it. The difference is that it offers portable heating, consumes lesser power, affordable, and faster heating technology.


HeatWell Portable Heater works using the principle of electro-ceramic heating technology. This is a highly tech-powered heating mechanism that can turn your room temperature from cold to a hot one in a matter of seconds.

Simply put, heatwell passes current through ceramic plates – high-resistance conductors. As the current tries to pass through the conductor, more heat is generated.

It falls under convective heaters and it uses a fan to increase air circulation in the room.

HeatWell Portable Heaters have ceramic plates attached to coils of metal that conduct heat. These ceramic plates are in contact with the aluminum fins, thereby heating the plates and allowing the heat flow out through the cartridge. A fan blowing across the fins heats the air. The process continues until your entire space is heated up. Heating time varies from place to place as it is a function of ambient temperature.


(Heatwell heater review)

HeatWell Portable Heater has a maximum power rating of 800W (watts) in 120VAC supply voltage.

Its keynote specifications include:

Voltage Rating: 120VAC, 60 Hz

Capacity: 800 W

Dimensions: 5.6 in. (W) x 5.6 in. (D) x 3.5 in. (H)

Weight: 1.25 lbs.

Heating system: Advanced Ceramic Technology

Display: Digital LED Thermostat

Sound: Quiet Operation, Almost Zero decibel

Flexibility: 270° Rotating Outlet Plug


(Heatwell heater reviews)

Joule heating, which is the process whereby electric current is converted to heat, is generally the principle of all heating elements.

This process is independent of the direction of the current and the process is the same in all space heaters.

All materials that have some resistance must dissipate some heat in the form of power loss. HeatWell Heater uses high-resistance ceramic plates to convert electrical energy into heat energy.


Saying that a HeatWell Heater is one of the best space heaters might look like another exaggeration which is not.

A lot of reviews suggest that almost every buyer is recommending it, so we decided to give some reasons why it is so.

Here are reasons why it is the most recommended space heater by many customers:

  • It is ETL listed
  • It is cordless
  • Portable and compact
  • Saves energy
  • Cheaper
  • Easy to install
  • Noiseless


As stipulated by the manufactures, here are some of the amazing features of heatwell portable heater.

1. Compact: HeatWell Portable Heater is very compact. It consumes little space and it fits comfortably in your backpack.

2. Portable Design: HeatWell Portable Heaters offer portable heating. You can easily move it from your room to the office and other places.

3. Fast Heating: Being cheap doesn’t necessarily mean less quality. It is capable of heating your personal space within minutes. It is not an exaggeration. This is an artwork from an expert. A lot has been said about it.

4. Precise Temperature control, Built-in Timer, lightweight, and cordless are some of its features.

5. Adjustable Thermostat is also another great feature of HeatWell Portable Heaters.

COMPONENTS/PARTS of Heat Well Heater

  • Ceramic plates: HeatWell Portable Heater features ceramic plates which are the resistance element. Ceramic Offers strong opposition to current flow which makes it possible for the heater to work very fast. Within seconds.
  • Heating cartridge: to dissipate the heat faster, there are cartridges attached to it so that the heat generated can easily pass out.
  • Heat Blower: for rapid heat circulation, the device uses a fan to force the heat out.
  • Digital Thermostats: The thermostat is a temperature sensor. It measures the temperature of the room and sends the information to the controller which compares it with the reference temperature to know if it can shut it down or leave it running.
  • Digital LED display: For easy readings, HeatWell Heater uses a digital display so that you can instantly view the room temperature.


Using the HeatWell Portable Heater is straightforward. To make it more simple, the manufacturer shipped it with a detailed instructions manual. Anyone who has used a similar device should have no issues using it and is also require not a single technical kno-how to operate.

Here is how to use it:

Step 1: Open the casing and read the instructions manual.

Step 2: plug it into your recommended wall socket.

Step 3: Switch the wall socket on

Step 4: power on the HeatWell Portable Heater.

Step 5: Select your preferred settings and leave the rest for it. HeatWell Portable Heater will heat your personal space in minutes and style.



1. Don’t leave the heater on while you aren’t at home.

2. Avoid the use of extension wire, always Plug directly into the wall socket.

3. Make sure you unplug it and switch it off anytime you want to clean it.Give some space around the heater.

4. In case it malfunctions, don’t open the casing unless you are a qualified technician. Also, report to qualified or professional technicians.

5. Always use it in 120 VAC, 60Hz supply, otherwise it will malfunction.

6. Avoid contact with water or moisture.

7. Don’t use it outdoor to achieve better heating result

ADVANTAGES, Benefits and Pros of heat well heater

1: It heats quickly: Due to the nature of the ceramic plates used in HeatWell, it can reach the maximum temperature faster than other heaters. It is recommended for those who want faster heating heaters at an affordable price.

2: Energy Efficient: Because of how fast they are, HeatWell Portable Heaters don’t waste any energy like other space heaters. It saves a lot of electricity because as the ceramic plates reach their maximum temperature, the internet thermostat cuts off the current flow. Their efficiency is almost 95% which is one of the best in the market today.

3: They are more powerful: Due to their high efficiency, HeatWell Portable Heaters produce more power than their size. It is suitable for medium-sized rooms and some larger spaces as well. With the help of its fan, it can heat more space in a short period.

4: Safer: In HeatWell Portable Heaters, the ceramic plates surround the heating element which ensures that there’s no risk of catching fire. It also has built-in timers and a thermostat to monitor the temperature and cut-off it off to avoid possible overheating.

5: Cordless design: Heat Well Heaters don’t use any form of messy cables like some heaters. U need just to plug directly into the wall socket.

6: Noiseless: There is a little mechanical system that might bring unnecessary noise. Don’t worry it won’t wake you up and it won’t disturb your pets as well.

DISADVANTAGES, Demerit and Cons of heatwell heater

Despite having many benefits, HeatWell space Heaters still have some shortcomings.

Firstly, it is available only on 120VAC, 60Hz which restricts some regions from using it.

Secondly, it is just for your personal space. You might need more than one unit to heat large spaces.

Also, the life cycle is not known so I can’t tell how many years it can last which will help in your decisions making. Though from experience it is more rugged and durable. I haven’t seen one that fails though I can’t just tell how many years you can use it before it breaks down.

Again, buyers might pay shipping charges.

Other downsides are:

Limited stock and it looks like it is available only online.


Heaters tops the list of a must-have home utilities for the winter. Consumers discard the central heaters because of its high cost of maintenance and they now all look out for best portable space heaters. Luckily, we are in a technological advanced century where you can see different option =s to choose from in every competitive market.

HeatWell Heater is just one brand of a personal space heater. It might not be the best but here are some reasons it is our top pick this year.

1. HeatWell Portable Heater is very efficient and we love anything that saves our readers some money. Electric distribution companies are selling at higher prices and the only way to beat them is by using high-efficiency devices. Central heaters might be the personal option till you receive your first bill.

2. HeatWell Portable Heaters emit no hazardous chemicals. It simply converts electrical energy, which is a very clean source, to heat energy. No side effects around pets and kids as well.

3. It is budget-friendly. As of today, one unit is under $80 which is one of the best prices you can see.

4. HeatWell Portable Heaters also use advanced ceramic heating technology, which is far better than conventional heating systems.


HeatWell Heaters are still consumer products and might fail anytime. Also, everyone is advised to take care of it. Any damage caused by improper handling is at the owner’s risk. It is also recommended to read the instruction manual properly before using it if you haven’t used such a product before.

While HeatWell Portable Heaters are powerful heaters, they might not have the power to heat every corner of your home like your central heating system. So for best results, use it in your personal space like your room, dining, reading room, and office.


(Heatwell heater reviews)

HeatWell Portable Heaters are fairly priced. The company is selling them at a discounted price at the moment.

As of the time of writing, HeatWell Portable Heaters are on massive promo sale discounts as a launch offer to first time customers. To know if you are eligible for this offer, do visit their official website.



1: Where is the best place to plug it?

From the official website, HeatWell Portable Heaters are designed for wall sockets only.

2: Can I plug the HeatWell Portable Heater into the power strip?

Not recommended. The only place is your wall socket outlet.

3: What is heat coverage?

From my experience and expert opinion, HeatWell Heater heats up to 250 square feet.

4: What is the voltage rating?

120VAC, 60Hz is the nameplate rating of HeatWell Portable Heaters.

5: What is its power rating?

The HeatWell is rated 800W

6: What is its Weight?

The HeatWell Heater weighs just 1.25 pounds, one of the best in terms of weight.

7: Is Heatwell portable heater on Amazon?

Heatwell heater is not sold on Amazon. Not available on any third party markplace aside the company official website. DO NOT GET TRAPPED IN A HEATWELL PORTABLE HEATER SCAM on Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay etc.

8: How will it affect my electric bills?

HeatWell space Heater is energy efficient. It draws little power compared to other heating alternatives and just costs pennies a day to run.

9: Is it ETL listed?

Yes, HeatWell Portable Heater is ETL listed.

Is Heatwell Portable Heater worth it? (RECOMMENDATION)

Saying that the HeatWell Heater is the best portable space heater on the market is a total lie. As far as heaters are concerned, there are tons of them. Though price varies and quality as well, but there is no how anyone could have tested all portable heaters in the market to ascertain which is the overall best.

But in a list of over 100s portable heater I have reviewed, the heatwell tops my best in all.

As someone who have used and experienced the first hand working of this innovative device, without fear, I recommend HeatWell Portable Heaters to anyone looking for an affordable and efficient personal space heater.

I’m recommending it based on the price and the quality I see in it. It represents the best value for your money. Don’t waste your dollars on some hyped products. The HeatWell Portable Heater is real and doing what the manufacturer said that it is doing (keeping you warmed all night)


Going by the manufacturer’s claims and some claims made by trusted HeatWell Portable Heaters reviews, HeatWell Portable Heaters are backed by a money-back guarantee on all orders placed at the official website only.

However, the manufacturer also said that the device must be returned in the form it is received with other things like the user Manual.

To process your refund faster, HeatWell Heaters must be returned to the return facility address provided by the company’s customer care services. It must be free from scratches, and dirty and must be returned in the original package.

Keep in touch with customer care to process your refund sooner than later.


Here is what people, mostly customers from Canada and the United states, are saying about HeatWell Portable Heater.

From Stacy K. Boise. ID

“Cold is one of the things I never want to experience. I have tried so many Heaters just to reduce the usage of my Central heating system. Not that they failed woefully, the truth is that I’m expecting more. For now, HeatWell Heater is surprising me. I least expected this. I’m just lucky to have this after years of trials.”

Jess L. Fairfield. CT

“I’m not saying that you must buy HeatWell Portable Heater. I even have other brands, I just felt that this is the best in my house. Don’t look at its small size, that is what I liked most about it.”

Rupert K. Sacramento, CA

“Sure, I’m enjoying this heatwell. You can try it and see this yourself.”

Daniel. F. Tacoma. WA

“HeatWell Heater is changing my mood this year. I have resigned myself to getting quality heaters at this price. I’m lucky to have come across this.”

Another user from America said: “This is the best deal this year. Having used so many heaters without much result, I have prepared myself to run my central heaters but it looks like the HeatWell Portable Heater is the solution.”


HeatWell Heater is available only on the official company website online as of the time of review. The company is the one selling it and it makes sense because you are sure to get what you have in mind and get it at the lowest price ever.


By now I strongly believe that you have seen all you might want to know about HeatWell Portable Heater. Different platforms have customers dropping their positive reviews on how the device is serving them well when put to action.

I am confident that it will serve you more than you thought. Make sure you are staying warm this winter while also ensuring you maximize saving cost of electricity usage for the months in winter.

Save some money with Heatwell heater, buy it now and enjoy. The company is running out of stock, do not miss out.



This review is for general information purposes.

Don’t make any health decisions based on what you see on this page. It is personal thought and there is no backup from medical professionals.

This is not also financial advice. Look for certified financial instructors for sound financial advice.

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We are not responsible for price inaccuracies, always visit the official sales page for the updated price.