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Haoqie launches customer awareness campaign on How To Choose A Folding Ebike

Echelon Ct, City of Industry, CA, April 17, 2023, Folding ebikes are increasingly becoming popular because of their compact nature. A Folding electric bike offers you the same benefits as a traditional ebike while topping it with its portable nature. They do not take up much space and can easily fit into small spaces. Additionally, they make it easier for you to get on the road because you can easily carry them around.

When talking about “easily,” it does not mean they are as light as a sheet of paper. Rather, it implies that they are compact and would not take up as much room as a regular ebike.

One factor that adds to the weight of foldable electric bikes is the presence of the electric motor and battery in the ebike. When choosing, pay attention to how compact the manufacturer made the bike despite the presence of a battery and an electric motor.

If you need a convenient and eco-friendly means of transportation, you should consider getting a folding ebike. The presence of several brands and manufacturers could make it difficult for you to know what folding ebike to choose. We considered that and decided to give tips to help you choose the best folding ebike. Without taking much of your time, let us start with the benefits of folding ebike.

Benefits And Features Of A Foldable Ebike

Several benefits come with owning a folding ebike. And this is one of the reasons why it has become increasingly popular in recent times. Without taking much of your time, let us introduce you to the benefits of a folding ebike. Later in this segment, we will also introduce you to the features of a foldable ebike.

Benefits Of Folding Ebike.

1. They Are Easy To Store

One major benefit of a foldable ebike is the ease of storing them. They occupy little space and can easily fit into small rooms, a corner in your apartment, or an office. You could even carry them along when you commute via public transportation. The compact nature of folding ebikes makes it easy for you to accommodate them in the city, where there is often little space.

2. They Give The Perfect Compromise For People Who Want A Bike But Don’t Like The Rigidity Of Regular Ebikes

Several people love to own ebikes but don’t want to deal with the stress of storing a regular ebike. Folding ebikes provide the needed compromise for such people. Additionally, it allows them to store the foldable bike with less space than a traditional ebike would have cost them.

3. They Offer The Same Benefits As Traditional Bikes

It might be tempting to think that the compact nature of folding bikes will reduce the benefits they afford, but that is false. Folding ebikes give you the same benefits as a traditional ebike. The major difference between both variants of ebikes is the portability associated with folding bikes. Regarding speed, ease of getting around, and helping you stay fit, foldable ebikes have the same characteristics as regular ebikes.

4. Folding Electric Bikes Are Fast Becoming Popular For Mountain Biking

In recent times, folding electric bikes have been gaining popularity for their use as mountain bikes. They have the same characteristics and features as electric mountain bikes. However, this is with the added convenience of folding them and storing them in spaces a conventional mountain bike cannot stay.

Having considered the benefits 0f owning a folding ebike, let us consider features that you should look for in a Folding e-bike.

Features Of A Folding Ebike

1. Smaller Wheels

One of the features that makes it possible to fold a folding ebike is the presence of smaller wheels in the bike. They usually use wheel sizes ranging from 16 to 20 inches. This wheel size adds to their compact nature and makes it easier for you to store them.

2. They Have A Folding Mechanism

Folding ebikes have a folding mechanism that makes it easier to make them compact and expand them to a full-fledged bike at will. The folding mechanism is usually swift and makes it a perfect fit for people with limited space for their bikes.

3. Folding Bikes Are Available In Both Electric And Non-electric Variants

Like regular bicycles, foldable bikes have electric and non-electric variants. A foldable ebike has similar features and can perform the same functions as a regular electric bike.

Major Criteria To Consider When Choosing A Foldable Ebike

You should consider several factors before concluding that a foldable ebike is worth your money. These factors include considerations about the range, power, size, and balance when riding. You should also watch out for the price, wheel size, and other components that contribute to their foldability. In no particular order, this segment discusses the major criteria you should consider before choosing a foldable ebike.

Compactness and Ease Of Carriage

One of the primary reasons you would consider getting a foldable ebike is because of the compactness of the ebike. As a result, you should watch out for the compactness and ease of carrying the bike. If the compactness is not much of a concern, you could as well choose a conventional bike.

Choosing a compact foldable ebike may necessitate you to adapt to using smaller tires and batteries. Most foldable ebikes use small tires and batteries so that the weight of the ebike is not too large. The alternative to this may be for you to choose a folding mountain bike. Mountain and gravel folding bikes are more performance-oriented. Consequently, they make use of larger wheels and battery sizes.

For as low as $999, you can purchase a HAOQI MINI Foldable Electric Bike. Despite its compact and portable size, you would not need to compromise on effective battery life. It uses a 36V 5.2AH high-tech battery that can cover as much as 21.7 miles after every charge. The HAOQI MINI Foldable Electric Bike uses INNOVA 16″ * 1.75″, perfect for a foldable ebike.

Its Ability To Fulfill The Major Purpose Why You Chose A Foldable Ebike

Before choosing any type of ebike, ensure that you are clear about the purpose of the ebike. This will save you the mishap of getting an ebike you do not need. These days, the foldable ebike market is fast getting saturated. Consequently, choosing a foldable ebike that best suits you may be difficult. For example, You do not want to choose a mountain ebike when your major routes are tarred, paved roads. This is because foldable mountain bikes tend to weigh slightly more than regular ones. You could blame the extra weight on the size of the tires and the battery weight.

Your Desired Range

The ebike range is a major factor you should consider when choosing your foldable ebike. Several factors could affect the range of the ebike. However, the battery capacity plays a significant role in the achievable range of the ebike.

As a lover of moderate to high battery range, you should opt for the HAOQI MINI Foldable Electric Bike. Its 5.2 AH battery takes about three to four hours to charge. Despite this short charge time, it can comfortably cover a minimum of 21.7  miles before needing a recharge. Furthermore, the bike is equipped with an LCD to monitor the mileage, speed, and power of the ebike.

You need to note that the level of assistance and how fast you ride can affect the range of your ebike. The higher the level of assistance you use, the faster the battery drains and the lower the range that your ebike can cover.

The weight of the bike could also affect the range of your ebike. Weightier baggage demands more power from the ebike motor, which weighs on the ebike battery. Consequently, causing the battery to drain faster.

While you work at choosing an ebike with a reliable range and battery capacity, ensure that you pay attention to your ebike usage. Doing this will help ensure that the bike achieves the desired range.

Compare The Price, Warranty In Relation To The Features

Warranties are a public declaration of the company’s trust in its product. Regardless of the price, you must look out for the warranty that the company is giving you for their product. Additionally, conduct a market survey of different folding ebikes in the ebike industry. Your choice of folding ebike should give you more value for less amount.

In terms of price, the HAOQI mini foldable electric bike offers much value for a giveaway price of $999. It accompanies this ridiculously cheap bike with one of the best batteries in the ebike industry. Its powerful 250W brushless geared hub motor enables it to attain a torque of 82Nm without deformation. The bike tops these amazing features with an impressive warranty of 2 years.

Folding ebikes allow you to enjoy the benefits of an ebike without having to deal with the accompanying bulky nature. These bikes are easy to store and offer the same benefits as a conventional ebike. Before choosing a folding ebike, there are certain essentials you should watch out for. The article provides the essential guide you need when choosing folding bike.


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