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Grekkon Limited; Greenhouse Construction in Kenya’s

As Kenya’s greenhouse construction company, Grekkon Limited offers free crop management service through physical farm visits. This is in addition to their farmers’ manuals on; how to construct a greenhouse, and a greenhouse crop growing guide. The manuals and physical field visits are provided to every new greenhouse farmer in the country, and they cover most common greenhouse crops. These greenhouse construction details are a guide on greenhouse farming in Kenya. Greenhouse tomato farming in Kenya is the most practiced activity in these covered structures.

Unlike in temperate climates where greenhouses used in the winter, and are heated, greenhouses in tropical climates such as Kenya have no heating and are used all year round. They are covered with UV treated polythene, not glass or fibre glass.

There are 2 types of galvanised steel greenhouse structures for tropical zones

1. Vented type greenhouses. They have an opening on the roof, and are taller in height. This opening, and additional height allows for more airflow in the structure, creating a higher cooling effect. These are for very hot- where average daily temperatures are beyond 30 degrees celcius. This is for the mid to low altitude locations

2. Tunnel type greenhouses. Their roof is continuous, and have only the side ventilation. They are also shorter in height.  Constructed in the highlands, or cool locations. Daily average temperatures here do not exceed 30 degrees celcius

Greenhouse Polythene

The cost of greenhouse polythene is a dollar per meter square. This greenhouse paper price is for the UV treated, anti-fog type polythene. The color is either yellow or clear.

Grekkon Limited covers with yellow greenhouse polythene mono colored ornamental crops, such as red roses. Other crops that use this yellow paper are the are leafy herbs. This is because it allows less UV light than the clear type.

Clear greenhouse polythene covers fruiting crops, bi and multi colored ornamental crops. These crops require more UV light for optimal productivity.

Galvanised Steel

The steel bars used in greenhouse construction are on various sizes depending on their position in the structure. Thicker and stronger steel bars are placed on the edges as anchors. The lighter steel gauge is placed on the roof, and also acts as the internal crop support system.

Food grade aluminum or zinc is what Grekkon Limited uses to galvanise these steel frames to keep them from rust. All vertically placed steel bars that are in contact with the ground have a concrete base. This strengthens the structure, and holds it in place during strong wind, or a storm.

Kenya’s Greenhouse Construction Company; Summary

Kenyan greenhouses have these standards

1. Galvanised steel structure; with food grade zinc or aluminum

2. UV treated anti-insect netting. This is white in color so as to repels insects

3. UV treated, anti-drip greenhouse polythene

4. A sanitation pouch

5. Drip irrigation system, and or a misting/ fogging system where necessary