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General Meta Network Is Set to Disrupt the Play-to-Earn Industry with Its Groundbreaking Gaming Platform and Blockchain

Dubai, UAE, May 15, 2023 General Meta Network (GMN), a pioneering crypto project, is set to transform the gaming world with its extensive gaming library and bespoke blockchain designed exclusively for video games. By establishing a niche that empowers both gamers and developers, GMN aims to become one of the biggest and most competitive gaming platforms in the market.

GMN’s 360° platform connects a global gaming community with unlimited opportunities in the web3 space. Gamers can look forward to playing a diverse range of play-to-earn games across various genres while exploring numerous profitable opportunities. Meanwhile, indie game developers will have direct access to GMN’s interactive gaming hub, which boasts a vast gaming community, advanced payment system and a unique blockchain built solely for the GMN ecosystem.

Saif Al Naj, CEO of General Meta Network, said: “Our vision is to create a platform that bridges the gap between the gaming community and the web3 space, providing gamers and developers with the tools and opportunities they need to thrive. We are committed to building an ecosystem that prioritizes innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity.”

The company plans to hold an exclusive whitelisting event throughout May 2023, followed by a 30-day presale round for its upcoming Crypto Token launch. GMN’s focus is to develop one communal platform for many games from different studios while ensuring the highest levels of transparency and security.

In May 2023, GMN will release its first MVP products: “Undead Riot,” a thrilling survival game to end a zombie infestation, and the “Mini Race Game,” a fun racing game where players can race, enjoy, and earn tokens. Both games will be available on iOS and Android devices.


On May 10th, 2023, GMN opened up whitelisting signups for its upcoming ‘Hybrid Fair Launch,’ which will last until May 30th, 2023. Users who sign up during the first three days will receive exclusive GMNU token bonuses of up to 15%. Additionally, whitelisted users will have priority access to limited edition NFT mints, unrestricted access to GMN Play-to-Earn games, free airdrops, VIP invitations to GMN events, and first looks at new products and features.

This is a significant milestone for our project, and we believe it will provide a solid foundation for the future growth of GMN. We’re excited to bring our community exclusive benefits and early access to our innovative platform, which we’re confident will revolutionize the gaming world,” said co-founder Andrej Eisenbarth.

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About General Meta Network

General Meta Network is a groundbreaking crypto project aiming to change the gaming industry with its vast gaming library and tailor-made blockchain designed exclusively for video games. GMN strives to empower gamers and developers by providing a 360° platform that connects a global gaming community with unlimited opportunities in the web3 space. For more information, visit https://gmnetwork.io/.

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Company Name: General Meta Network

Contact Person: Saif Al Naj

Contact Person Title: CEO

City, Country: Dubai, UAE

Company E-mail: contact@gmnetwork.io

Website: https://gmnetwork.io