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Gain Followers And Likes On Instagram Free

Do you have challenges gaining followers and likes on Instagram for free? Are you frustrated that your post has few likes and wondering what to do next? Well, we know because you are reading this post right now for that reason. Do not be alarmed; it is actually easy to gain followers and likes on Instagram free if you know what to do. Please read on to learn more.

The number of likes your post generates shows how popular that post is. Also, the number of followers you command makes people view you with respect on Instagram or any social network. The more followers your page has, the better its credibility. Instagram has a way of measuring the performance and value of your content by the likes it generates.

Gaining followers and likes on Instagram free is essential to your channel, like anything else, especially when you are on a budget. It gives your channel and brand credibility and the potential to reach more people. The following steps are strategies you can adopt to gain followers and likes on Instagram free:

1. Hashtag Strategy 

You must work on your hashtag strategy to gain followers and likes. We are not talking about hashtagging for fun or doing it out of compulsion. We refer to being strategic with your hashtagging. You need to be smart with the use of hashtags. Do understand that every hashtag you use automatically adds your content to the post results and pages for content using the particular hashtag. If you get it right with the hashtags, your post will land on the feeds of many potential new followers. Use the tips below to ramp up your hashtag game:

  • Use a generic hashtag that describes your business, niches, or industry.
  • Use popular hashtags, i.e., those that have been used massively.
  • Use hashtags that are specific to your niche but have low post volume yet relevant
  • Create branded hashtags to build awareness around your brand
  • Use combinations of different popular hashtags
  • Find out what hashtags competitors are using, then adopt it

2. Tag friends 

Ever heard of the phrase in Marketing called low hanging fruits? In nature, low-hanging fruits are those that can be reached easily. In Marketing, low-hanging fruits refer to business transactions connected through family and friends. Marketing gurus advised that a successful salesman goes after the sales from family and friends first because they are easy to get and require little effort than cold sales. 

The same strategy is advised here for those seeking to gain followers and likes on Instagram free. The advice is to tag friends, family, and followers whenever you have a new post. These people love you and would do anything for you, even if your post is not that good. Tagging these individuals will ensure your post reaches many other people because many of them have followers, and those followers would have access to the post.

3. Time your posts 

The importance of timing cannot be overemphasized in social media growth strategy. You must understand audience browsing behaviour, i.e., the time they come online. You need to know the time of the day they log in and other useful information. Once you can confirm that, then build your posting timetable around it. You can leverage your competitor’s knowledge if you are not good at researching or don’t understand what to do. Find out when their new post goes live from their channel and work that into your schedule.

4. Create Instagram contests 

Surely, people like being rewarded for activities they embark on. Now, you will use that knowledge to create something out of nothing for your followers to gain new followers. Your strategy here is to run a contest to gain likes and followers. If you start a contest today, you will be surprised how many new followers will be added to your page daily. 

As users are like the contest, it would give the information to other users to come on board, and before you know it, you will be polling numbers like crazy. However, it would help if you planned adequately before putting up a contest. Ensure the contest is restricted to your niche so that those participating are interested in your product. Also, keep the contest simple, do not go overboard with things. For instance, you can adopt the simplest form; thus, Follow, Like, Comment, and share to win. Note that you must be honest – ensure you fulfill what you promised to the winner. 

5. Seek help from professionals like Mixx 

If you think the above points are not as easy as portrayed, it is time to unleash the big gun. If you are too busy or not patient to adopt the above strategies, then you should approach professionals who know how to do it best. If you must approach a professional regarding Instagram growth, approach Mixx. Established by Instagram marketing professionals who know their onions, this client-centric and result-driven platform help boost your Instagram channel with the needed likes and followers. 

Their service includes selling followers, likes, views, etc. They are safe, trusted, experienced and deliver results. One good thing about them is that the service is pocket friendly. And if you need their service free, you are still welcome because they have a free trial programme that allows you to test their service. You can get up to 10 followers, 10 likes, and 50 views, all for free.


Now that you are done reading, what are you going to do? We have presented great options for those seeking free ways of gaining Instagram followers and likes. Choose wisely, and do note that all the points mentioned above are surefire strategies to gain followers and likes on Instagram Free. The simplest that require zero efforts of yours is to buy the needed Instagram followers, likes and views or get some for free from the same source.