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From Dirty Laundry to Fresh and Clean: i-Laundry App Launches New Delivery Services and Boosts Local Laundromats in Houston

Houston, Texas, USA, May 31, 2023 – i-Laundry App, a laundry delivery application, aims to empower laundromat owners by providing them with a user-friendly platform to meet the needs and expectations of today’s consumers. Headquartered in Austin, they strive to help local businesses expand their services and customer base. Currently operating in Houston, they will be available nationwide in the near future.

With the comprehensive laundry service mobile application, users can easily schedule laundry services at their convenience and connect with laundromat shop owners around their area, providing a seamless and hassle-free laundry experience. The user-friendly interface allows users to select from a variety of laundry packages, including wash and fold, dry cleaning, and ironing services.

A range of payment options is available. Debit and credit card payments and digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay are all accepted and prioritized to ensure a secure experience. After each transaction, the application provides a detailed invoice, adding transparency to their operating systems – and peace of mind for their clients.

Laundromat owners can leverage the i-Laundry platform to streamline their operations, improve service through easier communication with the customer and attract new ones.

“Why endure the time-consuming process of driving, waiting, and switching clothes, taking up to 4 hours, when we can use the latest technology most companies use an spend that time elsewhere? We are committed to empowering local laundromat owners and helping them grow their businesses by providing a platform that meets the needs and expectations of today’s consumers,” explained Ahmed Al Yassari, the founder of i-Laundry.

The intuitive platform presents a new opportunity to broaden one’s clientele and hopes to achieve a symbiotic relationship that boosts business growth and efficiency for both parties.

Local laundromats looking to target their clientele more effectively can register through their registration page.

About i-Laundry App 

i-Laundry App LLC is a US-based technology company that connects individuals with the best laundromats in their local neighborhoods across the United States. Providing an easy-to-use platform, the application empowers local laundry businesses to meet consumers’ needs for convenience and hassle-free laundry services. As part of its mission to grow and empower local economies, i-Laundry App strives to bridge the gap between consumers and local businesses.



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