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From Coast to Coast: Exploring the Best Sub Franchises Making Waves in America

The sub sandwich has earned its place in the fast food realm as a beloved option for Americans. Bursting with fresh ingredients and customizable choices, it’s no wonder sub sandwiches have captured the hearts and taste buds of folks across the nation.

And with demand still on the rise, it’s no surprise that various sub franchises have emerged, each boasting their unique take on this classic lunchtime sandwich.

In this blog, we give you the current top sub franchises making a splash in America, exploring their origins, menu options, and what sets them apart from the pack.

Join us as we embark on this tantalizing journey!

1. Quizno’s: A Toasty Delight

One of the standout businesses that has left a lasting impression on sub enthusiasts is Quizno’s. Established in 1981, Quizno’s quickly gained popularity for its toasted subs, which set them apart from the competition.

Their signature subs are created using high-quality ingredients, including premium meats, artisan bread, and a variety of delicious toppings.

They offer a diverse menu, catering to different tastes and dietary preferences, with options for vegetarians and those looking for lighter fare. Whether you’re craving a classic Italian sub or an innovative creation like the Honey Bacon Club, Quizno’s delivers on flavor and quality.

2. Subway: The Giant of Sub Franchises

With a staggering 40,000 locations spanning the globe, Subway is a force to be reckoned with in the fast-food industry.

Starting in 1965, Subway set itself apart by introducing the innovative “build-your-own” concept. This means that customers can create their dream sub sandwich by handpicking from a variety of bread options, meats, cheeses, veggies, and condiments.

But that’s not all. Subway also offers healthy options on their Fresh Fit menu, showcasing low-fat and low-calorie choices. It’s no wonder Subway is a household name; their global presence and customized menu make them a top contender in the fast-food world.

3. Jimmy John’s: Freaky Fast and Fresh

Founded back in 1983, Jimmy John’s has earned a reputation for lightning-fast service and freshness that’s hard to beat.

Rather than overwhelming customers with an endless array of options, they focus on simplicity and quality, serving up a small but mouth-watering selection of subs made with the freshest vegetables, high-quality meats, and, of course, their signature freshly baked bread.

But what really sets Jimmy John’s apart is their unwavering commitment to speed. They take pride in delivering subs that are hot, delicious, and in your hands faster than you ever thought possible. It’s no wonder they’ve developed such a loyal following, particularly among those who crave something quick, satisfying, and nutritionally delicious.

4. Jersey Mike’s Subs: A Taste of the East Coast

Sink your teeth into the flavors of the East Coast from Jersey Mike’s Subs.

Established in 1956, this franchise reigns supreme with its commitment to authenticity and quality. Boasting freshly sliced meats and cheeses, atop daily baked bread, every sub is crafted to-order just for you.

And with an array of hot and cold sub options to choose from, including the delectable “Jersey Shore’s Favorite” blending provolone, ham, and cappacuolo, you’ll keep coming back for more.

Jersey Mike’s Subs has built a loyal following by staying true to its mission of bringing an East Coast flavor experience to sub lovers everywhere.

5. Firehouse Subs: Saving Lives with Subs

Satisfy your cravings for premium subs and support a worthy cause at Firehouse Subs.

This restaurant pays homage to first responders, founded in 1994 by two former firefighters who know firsthand what bravery and service mean. Their menu boasts hearty subs made with premium meats and cheeses, toasted to perfection.

What makes Firehouse Subs exceptional is their commitment to public safety. A portion of every purchase goes towards the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, which helps fund lifesaving equipment and resources for first responders.

Customers can enjoy a delicious meal and help make a difference in their community!

6. Potbelly Sandwich Shop: Warm and Inviting

Craving a sub sandwich experience that’s a cut above? Look no further than Potbelly Sandwich Shop. Since 1977, this beloved franchise has been serving up warm and toasty sandwiches filled with only the finest ingredients.

From the iconic “A Wreck” to a host of other mouthwatering varieties, there’s no shortage of flavor to savor.

But it’s not just the sandwiches that make them a standout destination. With a nostalgic ambiance that invites you to kick back and relax, this place is more than just a meal – it’s an experience. Featuring charming decor and live music, it’s the perfect place to unwind with a delicious sub and enjoy the warm, welcoming atmosphere.

7. Which Wich: Customization at Your Fingertips

Indulge your sandwich cravings at Which Wich, where customization is nothing short of an art form. Their cutting-edge concept, born in 2003, lets sandwich lovers craft their perfect sub with ease.

Say goodbye to mundane ordering processes and hello to interactive fun – their innovative system involves customers marking their ingredients on a pre-printed bag. Take your pick from their range of freshly-sourced ingredients, which includes delectable bread options, premium meats, creamy cheeses and tasty spreads.

8. Penn Station East Coast Subs: A Slice of Authenticity

Since 1985, this beloved franchise has been crafting authentic Philly cheesesteaks and New York-style subs using only fresh bread, top-quality meats, and a variety of tasty toppings.

But it’s not just about the ingredients – Penn Station is committed to capturing the true essence of East Coast flavor in every single bite.

From the signature Philly Cheesesteak to the irresistible Reuben sandwich, these subs pay homage to the classic flavors that define East Coast sub culture.


Discover the tantalizing world of sub franchises in America, where sandwich lovers are spoiled for choice. From the toasty subs of Quizno’s, to the speedy sandwiches of Jimmy John’s, each franchise brings its own tasty twist.

These top sub franchises have revolutionized the market by offering quality ingredients, personalized service, and unmatched competition. Whether you prefer a classic sub, a customized masterpiece, or an authentic East Coast vibe, these guys have you covered!

Indulge in a mouthwatering sub adventure today. Explore our top franchises and enjoy the unforgettable sandwich experience that will keep you coming back for more!