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From Being a Dietician to Being a Software Engineer – Nidhi Kulkarni’s Data-Driven Transformation is Nothing but Inspiring

Nidhi Kulkarni’s voyage into the captivating realm of data science reads like a modern-day adventure, with twists and turns that defy expectations.

Her career began with a passion for nutrition, but fate had other plans in store for her. A chance encounter with OdinSchool’s data science course opened her eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Through dedication and hard work, she transformed herself into a software engineer at Prolifics, a leading force in digital innovation.

Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the endless opportunities that come with upskilling. With each career shift, she embraced the unknown with unwavering courage, proving that resilience and a willingness to learn can lead to remarkable transformation. This is a story of growth, determination, and the incredible journey of upskilling.


Nidhi loved studying about food and health, and she spent many years learning about it in college. Nidhi studied graduation and post graduation in both clinical nutrition and dietetics. And, like many of the bio students, she found math and computers scary. Even though she was great at biology, numbers and tech stuff made her nervous.

When Nidhi was scared of math and computers, why did she choose data science?

After she was done with P.G., she started working as a dietician and also worked in the sales and marketing department. That’s when a few of her close friends who are in the IT industry told her about data science and its huge demand.

Nidhi felt she should at least try, even if she is scared, because this opportunity will help get over the fear of’math and computer science’ and will also be in touch with her domain. She then googled on different data science roles and analyzed that the data analyst role might be a little easier for her to make an entry.

“Moreover, as a data analyst, I had every chance to perform data analysis on medicine / food, / pharma industries, where I have a good background.”

After much research on various courses, she zeroed in on OdinSchool. Her faith in the data science course doubled when she read their success stories. Nidhi found them very inspiring and amazing.

Nidhi’s toughest learning journey

With a total non-math, non-computer and non-IT background, Nidhi faced her toughest learning journey. She had doubts even when doing the ‘hello-world’ program (considered to be the most simple and basic program).

However, OdinSchool’s flexible approach made the journey more accessible. Balancing her busy schedule, she attended weekend classes that provided the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Moreover, OdinSchool helps you learn everything from scratch. They actually tells its students ‘not to shy away from googling answers because it might give a different perception. So to gain an understanding, googling is not bad, but googling for cheating is.

And, the one aspect that stood out for Nidhi was the hands-on experience offered by OdinSchool. Through a series of projects spanning various domains of data science, she gained invaluable insights and confidence in her abilities. From data analysis to machine learning, each project equipped her with relevant skills that she could apply in real-world scenarios.

Finding a Job

Navigating the job market as a career transitioner can be daunting, but OdinSchool provided comprehensive support to ease the process for Nidhi. From resume refinement to interview preparation, their guidance was instrumental in her job search. With their assistance, she landed interviews with top companies, eventually securing a position at Prolifics.

Reflecting on her journey, Nidhi acknowledges the fears and uncertainties she faced along the way. However, she credits OdinSchool for instilling the courage and confidence needed to pursue her goals. Their holistic approach not only equipped her with technical skills but also prepared her for the challenges of the job market.

Looking Ahead

Today, Nidhi’s career trajectory serves as a testament to the transformative power of education and perseverance. From a dietitian to a software engineer, her journey exemplifies the possibilities that arise from embracing change and seizing opportunities.

As she continues to grow and thrive in her role at Prolifics, Nidhi remains grateful for the support and guidance she received from OdinSchool. Her story serves as inspiration for aspiring data scientists, demonstrating that with dedication and determination, anything is possible.

If you’re considering a career switch or looking to explore new horizons, OdinSchool’s data science program could be your gateway to success.