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For how long does it take to service a boiler? Which Features Does It Have?

Did you know that while boilers should be serviced annually, many Dublin homes go for years without doing so?

If you don’t have your boiler serviced regularly, the manufacturer’s guarantee will be null and void, leaving you responsible for paying for repairs out of pocket.

That’s why we’re discussing boiler maintenance, including how long it takes and what’s involved.

What exactly happens during a gas boiler service?

To begin, it is highly recommended that a gas engineer do any necessary boiler maintenance. You can do it yourself, but you should have a professional witness your signature on any certificates.

However, typically, the installation process takes anywhere from 31 minutes to an hour, depending on the brand and model you’re using.

Your engineer will provide you with a written report detailing the service they provided and outlining any follow-up that may be necessary once they are finished. Feel free to ask them whatever you want to know before they depart your property, as this is your last chance to do so.

Even though they will most likely explain everything they did, you may be thinking, “What does a boiler service include?” Here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

  • The engineer will inspect the boiler to ensure it is safe and meets all regulations and standards. This includes making sure the flame is visible. As part of their inspection, they will look for signs of failures or leaks in addition to the more obvious signs of wear and tear.
  • The next step is to remove the boiler’s casing and clean the interior to ensure the proper functioning of all its parts. They should check the heat exchange, burner, and ignition probe.
  • Making sure your flue is properly fitted and clear of dirt is essential. In theory, this should be easy for your engineer to see and verify.
  • Naturally, you should check the pressure gauges to make sure your boiler is operating at the correct levels, but it bears repeating.
  • It may seem obvious, but before beginning any sort of inspection, they should make sure the boiler is actually on. If it isn’t, there may be a problem with the system that needs fixing.

Various safety checks and additional efficiency tests should be performed throughout the service to ensure that everything is operating as it should be. Leaks of the potentially fatal gas carbon monoxide should be checked for as part of this routine maintenance.

When Is It Time For A Boiler Inspection?

We indicated at the outset that the warranty conditions include annual boiler servicing, with the first service occurring within the first year after installation.

This will not only prevent any major issues from developing, but regular checks will also verify that your boiler and heating systems are functioning properly.

When it comes to servicing your boiler, we often recommend doing it in the summer when you are less likely to be using it and there is less need for it to be on all the time.

You definitely don’t want a breakdown to occur in the dead of winter, when it’s really cold outside and you have neither hot water nor heating. There is less work for heating engineers in the summer, therefore prices may drop.

Nonetheless, if you run into issues, it’s best to get in touch with a specialist for assistance and advice, no matter the season.

What Does A Boiler Repair Cost?

A boiler service will vary in price from engineer to engineer, unlike the cost of a MOT for a car, which tends to be the same no matter the garage.

The price of a boiler service can vary greatly depending on the model and manufacturer, but typically ranges from €51 to €111. The price might be as low as €151 if you have a high-efficiency model.

Prices vary from place to place; for example, if you make your home in a major metropolis like Dublin, you can pay more than someone whose residence is in a more rural area.

There are annual plans available to assist defray the cost of having your boiler serviced. While these may be more expensive than a one-time service, they typically include perks like emergency roadside assistance for an additional €15 each month.

Service Tips for Your Boiler

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