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Football is the game of the whole world. History and reasons


Football is the most popular sport in the world. It is played by millions of people in all countries of the world. Over the many years of its existence, it has transformed and in some countries has acquired cult status. People don’t even need to speak the same language to play football together. Today we will tell you how this happened and why football today is the game of the whole world.

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Football is history

One of the very first reasons for the popularity of football is its “age”. This sport is one of the oldest on the planet, and the origins of its appearance go so deep into history that it is difficult to unambiguously determine the country where football appeared. Scientists are divided in opinion: some believe that the ancestor of football appeared before our era in Ancient Egypt, while others turn to the history of China, namely to the game of Kuju. The latter is considered the oldest officially registered form of football. But most still consider it the English national sport.

Gradually, football evolved – equipment, courts, and rules changed. For many centuries, playing with a ball has been one of the most common pastimes. Football became so popular that in 1314, the English monarch Edward II even had to issue a decree prohibiting “ball madness” due to the fact that it led to riots. The existence and development of football over several centuries is an important factor due to which this game is so popular now.

Football is an art

Another important consequence of the development of football was the appearance of elements of art in the game. Players increasingly began to use spectacular feints in their arsenal and make non-standard decisions. The passes of Xavi and Iniesta, the acrobatic tricks of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the completions of Cristiano Ronaldo, and the spectacular dribbling of Leo Messi – all this becomes part of the real football art, making the hearts of spectators skip a beat from the beauty of what is happening. The results of individual matches are filled with such drama that literature, cinema, and theater would envy such a plot. Nowadays football is a combination of aesthetics and the hardest, persistent work of both the players and the coaching staff.

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Football is a business

Fans are interested not only in the gaming component of football. Changes in club ownership, reshuffles in managerial positions, transfers, and athletes’ payrolls – all have also become of interest to fans. Almost every famous football player has personal contracts with sponsors; clubs cooperate with major corporations and use their brands in the names of stadiums. The financial side of the game is as interesting as the matches.

Football is a science

Football and science have been increasingly intersecting lately. One of the most important factors in the development of everyone’s favorite game was the development of various technologies and the emergence of advanced statistics. Many clubs now have special analytical departments that study both the tactical formations and players of the opponent, as well as the training and playing performance of their players. Player mileage, pass accuracy, percentages of selected duels, and evaluations of individual performances are all studied in the niche of sports analytics, which, due to its accessibility, has become one of the reasons for the popularity of the football industry.

Football is accessibility

To get acquainted with football at the initial level, you do not need any complex equipment or special conditions. Now in almost every locality, there are football grounds and fields where both children and adults can enjoy their favorite game. If you want to take up football at a higher level, you can try yourself in a sports section or an amateur league.