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Foolproof Ways to View Instagram Story Anonymously

An Instagram story is the perfect method for knowing what is happening in someone’s life. It has become a prevalent feature that lets users share their photos and videos for a specific time.

Do you want to see an Instagram story of a person without letting them know? If you are looking for specific ways, we suggest checking this article entirely to the end. Our team will explain foolproof ways to view Instagram stories anonymously.

  1. Switching to Airplane Mode

If you are looking for a simple method of enjoying Instagram stories anonymously without installing any application, go for this method. You only have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Log into your Instagram account and find the profile of the user whose story you have to check.
  • After getting on their profile, you have to wait for the story located at the screen’s top side.
  • You must switch to airplane mode immediately once the story shows on the screen to turn off the connection.
  • View the story in the usual way. Once you are done, close the app and switch off the airplane mode. You can easily watch the story without letting them be notified.

Trust us, this method has worked for millions of people without creating any trouble in any manner.

  1. Creating a Different Instagram Account

The most efficient method for watching Instagram stories anonymously is creating a separate account on Instagram without getting noticed. Just create a new account without revealing your identity.

In addition to watching stories, you can perform various Instagram activities without getting exposed. Spying on the content of your favourite will become a significantly easier task with this method. You will be able to enjoy what someone has posted without notifying them in any manner.

  1. Using Third-Party Platforms

According to experts, the best method for checking Instagram stories is using a third-party tool like Pixochi.com without thinking even once.  However, it doesn’t mean you can visit any other platform and start enjoying this feature. Always go for an authentic site with a good reputation and doesn’t threaten the identity of visitors.

Although the internet is a whole of various such sites, always choose an area with the required security parameters. Also, look for a platform that has a friendly interface that allows you to easily view Instagram stories anonymously.


There is a huge possibility you might look to view the Instagram stories without letting the profile owner know. Many people complain about having the proper access to complete this task. That’s why we have created this article to assist users in seeing Instagram stories anonymously.

If you have any queries regarding the content of this site, feel free to write about it in the comment section! We would love to answer them for the viewers.