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FIZZ DApp Collaborates with AV8: A Prominent Development in the Cryptocurrency Market

Jeffrey Bass, a distinguished American serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and partner at Flybridge Capital Partners, emphasized that venture capitalists typically invest in distinctive startups possessing the potential to disrupt and transform industry norms. Upon securing substantial funding, these startups can rapidly unlock their growth potential. Venture capitalists often introduce entrepreneurs to such companies to accelerate their growth.

How do venture capital firms determine the hard cap valuation of blockchain projects and assess the scope of investment?

Market potential

Venture capital firms evaluate the size and growth potential of the market in which the project operates, determining its prospects and potential. If a project demonstrates significant market potential, venture capital firms may be more inclined to invest larger sums.

Project team

Venture capital firms also assess the project’s team, examining the experience, skills, and backgrounds of its members. If the team is deemed highly competent and capable, venture capital firms may be more willing to invest additional funds.

With the evolution of the Internet, ecosystems such as digital finance, cryptocurrencies, and community consensus have experienced rapid growth. The online crypto finance sector has progressively established its own business model, generating authentic decentralized financial value. As a decentralized autonomous organization differing from traditional structures, DAOs naturally align with blockchain industry development and play a crucial role in the DeFi sector. In 2023, launching practical and valuable applications, attracting users, and generating value to drive the prosperity of the crypto finance industry have become the development trends and the sole technical solution for DeFi.

As investors have flocked to the burgeoning blockchain and Web3 startups over the past year, the landscape is swiftly shifting. FIZZ DApp, a DeFi platform poised to gain attention in 2023, is developed based on the DeFi technology component of the Force Protocol. It is dedicated to providing decentralized lending services to crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Currently, innovation in the blockchain industry is apparent, and for FIZZ DApp, support from the DAO technology community is the optimal prerequisite for its growth. With the integrated development advantages of DeFi+DAO, FIZZ DApp has attracted the participation of DAO community organizations established by the American Silicon Valley venture capital firm AV8.

AV8: An investment institution fostering a healthy internet model

AV8 Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm based in San Francisco, USA, specializing in investing in startups in areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain. The team possesses in-depth industry knowledge, experience, and extensive resources in IoT, AI, and blockchain, enabling rapid company growth. Collaborating closely with startups, AV8 draws on decades of experience. Their investment and support team leverages their extensive expertise in technology, entrepreneurship, and risk to help companies succeed.

AV8 has successfully implemented a multi-chain parallel and cross-chain consensus mechanism in the digital finance industry’s technical support, fostering the incubation and development of DeFi projects with professional development and application advantages. AV8 empowers developers to construct a decentralized technology and economic model, providing comprehensive assistance to FIZZ DApp in developing an innovative Web3.0 decentralized AI financial lending system. This aims to address the technical bottlenecks of crypto assets, consensus trust, and certification exemptions, propelling FIZZ DApp to lead in digital asset value ecosystems and disrupt traditional finance. AV8 DAO community members state that AV8’s consensus technology involvement serves as a consensus DAO funding institution with multiple capital incubations and investments, facilitating rapid collaboration between FIZZ DApp and AV8. The synergistic effect of FIZZ DApp and AV8 is evident. Focused on the development of consensus technology applications, AV8 will utilize the FIZZ DApp financial ecosystem as the central axis, continuously deepening technical support in the DeFi+DAO niche, and advancing the crypto finance industry’s growth.