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Five Ways to Improve Your Google Maps Rankings

You may have already tried it. You’ve decided that a nice pizza is the only thing that can make Friday night even better.

So you get out your phone, open Google, and look for pizza places near you. Which one will you pick? Most likely one of the places on the list, right? They must be good if they are shown there.

With this in mind, businesses need to be at the top of these local search results, as customers are more likely to choose them. But how do businesses ensure they show up high in search results?

The answer isn’t completely clear, but if you create and claim your Google Maps business listing, you can improve your online presence and make it more likely that you’ll show up high in Google Maps local searches.

This article gives you some ways to improve your chances of getting a higher ranking on Google Maps with the assistance of White Label Digital Marketing Solution.

●  Create, claim, and verify your Google Maps business listing

To get a higher ranking on Google Maps, you first need to create and claim your business through Google Maps. This is a simple process in which you will be asked to fill in information about your business, such as the address and whether you serve customers at the business address or if you deliver goods and services.

●  Fill out your Google My Business profile

It’s important to ensure that the information about your business is correct and up-to-date so that people can find it when searching. The more information you give, the higher it will appear in the search results.

Some parts of the form are easy to fill out, like the business name, address, phone number, website, and hours. However, some parts may take a little more time to think about.

●  Keep track of the time

Just as it’s important to have accurate information about your business, it’s also important to have accurate and up-to-date opening hours. This includes when your business opens and closes every day and when it will be open on holidays and other special occasions.

Customers will find it easier to determine when they can visit your business if you use the correct and up-to-date opening hours. They will also feel more confident that they won’t go there and find it closed.

Get reviews on Google

As a consumer, you usually read reviews from other customers before deciding to buy something. From a business point of view, having good reviews on Google Maps or any other site can help your business look more trustworthy.

Positive customer reviews also help your business get more attention and may make customers more likely to choose your business over similar ones.

●  Regularly add images and content to your listing

You may post photographs and videos of your goods and services to your Google My Business account to showcase them to consumers.

Not only is the usage of images on Google My Business a great feature, but it’s also a critical and necessary aspect of achieving better ranks in Google Maps.


When building your Google My Business page via Best Local SEO Agency in NJ, you should also remember that Google’s algorithms, like profiles, are updated often.

If you want a good ranking on Google Maps, one tip is to add new photos of your products or services weekly. This will make it look like your business is still going strong.