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Fisio – Recovery & Wellness Introduces Kinesio Taping in Rehabilitation Programs

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 28, 2023 – Kinesio taping is a tape that increases fitness and hastens the healing process from injuries. It is a colorful tape placed on the lymphatic system nearby and the site of damage. It is simple to use, but a physiotherapist must use it appropriately for treatment to be effective. Kinesio tape is an athletic tape type that can be stretched over its initial length and offers a variety of possible advantages to improve pain threshold and performance. This is accomplished via the tape’s extensible nature, a cotton and nylon blend designed to resemble human skin’s elasticity.

Kinesio tape is said to have several advantages, including pain relief, strengthening weak regions, enhancing sensory input, and enhanced performance because of this, athletes and rehabilitation specialists may find that Kinesio tape is a useful tool for accelerating the healing process.

How is kinesio taping beneficial?

Extra lymph nodes and blood are under the skin at the injury site, which triggers the firing of pain receptors. Kinesio tape elevates the skin, allowing lymph and blood to spread away from the wound site and lessening discomfort. Other advantages of taking kinesio tape treatment include:

bolstering muscles

  • Enhancing the awareness of one’s body in space, or kinesthetic awareness
  • Supporting the alignment of joints and muscles
  • Prevents overstretching of the musculature
  • Permits a variety of motions
  • Lowering the degree of inflammation

Why Is Kinesio Taping Unique?

The fibers of 100% cotton are wrapped around polymer elastic to create kinesiotape. It can be extended up to 140% longer than originally, and it may retract to its original length after application. Despite being waterproof, the material nevertheless permits moisture to evaporate. Because of this, it may be worn for hours at a time, even when working out or taking a shower. Kinesiotape is unique in that it replicates the physical characteristics of human skin. Its weight, thickness, and natural elastic qualities are comparable to the epidermis. To mimic fingerprints, a heat-activated, wave-like medical glue is employed.

How physiotherapy centers are utilizing Kinesiotape?

One of the methods a physical therapist could employ to assist patients in regaining their regular range of movement is kinesiotaping. The technique is applying Kinesio tape strips in certain directions to the body’s afflicted areas to accomplish a variety of purposes, including:

  • Handling Injuries: When used with other therapies like manual therapy, kinesio tape helps reduce pain and swelling. It is thought to produce a minuscule gap between the skin’s underlying structures and the skin itself. Muscular performance and activation are enhanced as a result.
  • Adding Additional Support: Kinesio tape can help strengthen weak areas in the joints and muscles. It is recommended for people with Achilles tendonitis, IT band friction syndrome, and patellofemoral stress syndrome because it works well on tired muscles.
  • Retraining Muscles: Studies show that feeling tape on the skin makes you more conscious of your movements. As a result, therapists also employ it for retraining muscles that are either dysfunctional or have developed an unfavorable habit of functioning.
  • Preventing Additional Injury: Kinesio taping helps stop damaged muscles or joints from overstretching or over-contracting while maintaining a full range of motion. It can aid in preventing muscular cramps and spasms by improving circulation to overworked or exhausted muscles.
  • Relieving Pain: Kinesiology tape is an efficient pain reliever, even if it does not include any prescription or topical ingredients. It relieves pressure on vulnerable pain receptors by lifting the skin. It inhibits pain signals from reaching the brain and has an associative impact on pain pathways.

Sports & Musculoskeletal Therapy

Kinesio taping is a temporary fix and a supportive treatment. Still, solving the underlying issue is essential to a full recovery. Please speak with our professionals to learn how Kinesiotaping’s therapeutic advantages might improve your condition.

The clinic provides a range of specialized treatments, such as lymphatic drainage, musculoskeletal physical therapy, sports massage dubai, osteopathic manipulation, and therapeutic massage.

How should sports and rehabilitation employ Kinesio tape?

Kinesio tape may be quite helpful for athletes as well as rehabilitation specialists. When applied properly, it can reduce pain and swelling, offer feedback, and shield wounded regions. In rehabilitation, Kinesio tape is a therapeutic that has endured and prospered despite the lack of clear data. Assist their patients and athletes in regaining their previous level of function, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and chiropractors are the main practitioners who employ it. Kinesio tape is a useful item in most practitioners’ toolboxes. While it won’t address the issue, it can help hasten the healing process. It shouldn’t be utilized for the entire season at a steady rate, just like everything else in rehabilitation. Kinesio tape is intended to be a short-term (three to five days for a single application) treatment for athletes and patients coping with acute injuries; it is not a 100% reliable means of helping them reach their objectives. Our systems require stress from our bodies; continual shielding prevents us from adapting and won’t heal our wounds.

Kinesio tape is considered to offer several advantages. It might not be the best course for everyone, but athletes and rehabilitation specialists should try it.


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