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Fish Table Games Reviews

For many newbie online gamblers, the interactive gaming sphere is a digital landscape home to chiefly internet reel-spinning games and table ones. With the latter offered in the software and live dealer format. However, most individuals not deep into this hobby must be aware that various game genres exist online for real money outside these two mainstay categories.

Fish table products are arcade machines found in entertainment centers around the globe but originated in China. They get played on a large horizontal screen that displays various aquatic creatures moving around in underwater scenes. Players get tasked to shoot projectiles at these beings using joysticks en route to winning in-game prizes they can exchange for cash rewards.

Without question, the primary appeal of these gambling options is their engaging multiplayer gameplay, enhanced with vibrant graphics and multiple extra features, such as power-ups and bonus modes. Players begin a gaming session on them by importing credits (real money) into the game, for which they get ammo on different types of weapons. Round outcomes here get decided via a mixture of player skill and luck.

Below, we look at three online top fish table games reviewed by premium analysis gambling hubs, who have labeled them the best picks for internet gamblers.

Fish Catch by RTG

Concerning online slots, few developers can proudly claim the badge of honor that they pioneered reel-spinning fun on the World Wide Web. Undoubtedly, Realtime Gaming is one of them, as this provider has been around since 1998. And for over two and a half decades, this brand has worked with countless operators worldwide, supplying jackpot rewards and exhilarating slot gameplay.

In 2018, Realtime Gaming, better known to veteran players under their acronym RTG, released Fish Catch, an online fish table title that ranks as the industry’s most famous online one. It is available at dozens of US-facing sites, most of which provide instructions on how anyone can enjoy this shooter, a simple guide to start playing.

Fish Catch has an RTP of 91% by default and is a low-to-medium variance gambling product with a wagering range that moves from $10 to $100. One thing most players seem to adore about this title is its Mermaid’s Luck wheel which shows up arbitrarily and can multiply gamblers’ winnings by x250 their current shot. Few other entries in the category have anything similar to this bonus feature.

Fu Fish Jackpot by Skywin

The Skywin Group is a slot brand that many gamblers will need to recognize, even though they have likely played their games at one time or another. That is so due to Skywin’s partnership with sector juggernaut Playtech. Thus, Playtech has distributed Skywin’s games to most of its partnered operators under its label.

Fu Fish is a cartoony-style shooter that hit online casino lobbies the same year as Fish Catch. It is an entirely different game than its competitor, seeking to capture unassociated demographics of players. The RTP here rests at 95.02%, and the max win is x888. While the maximum exposure setting may seem low, the bets one can place here move from $1 on the low end to $1,000 on the high end.

Those into jackpot prizes will love this game because its bonus wheel awards three. Three types of cannons also exist in this game, and players can activate specific ones by selecting to make bets in their distinct ranges. The Bomb mode is worth mentioning, as it can yield a reward of x5, even when there are no fish on the screen.

Fishing God by SpadeGaming

SpadeGaming is one of many money game providers headquartered in Malta. Yet, unlike most gaming companies operating from Europe’s interactive gambling haven, this brand got up and running in Malaysia. And now, it has offices in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, and its country of birth. It primarily caters to the Asian market, so it should be no surprise that it has a few online fish tables in its product arsenal.

Fishing God was unleashed in May 2020, and visually, it is a stunning-looking game that lets players choose between three playing areas in each session. These are Junior, Expert, and Godlike, and each has its wager size set, with the highest being $1 to $10 per shot.

The most anyone can hope to win on this medium-variance shooter with an RTP of 97% is a grand prize of x888 their stake. Fishing God supplies multiple special characters that can trigger various extra features, with the most-alluring one being the Wheel Crab one, which can bring wins of x300.


What Are Online Fish Table Games?

Fish table games shoot gaming products that rely on random number generators to produce round results. Yet, they also allow player expertise to affect their outcome generation process, but only slightly.

Do All Fish Pay the Same?

No, they do not. All the featured types of fish and other aquatic creatures have different rewards attached, leading to players implementing various stories in their sessions. Some like to focus on the low-paying ones that are easier to destroy, while others go for the higher rewards and try to shoot down the more impressive-looking ocean monsters.

Are Fish Table Games Fair?

Their regularity is checked by independent third-party testing agencies that audit them periodically, and these organizations work with various top-shelf gaming regulators.

Are Fish Table Games Multiplayer?

The land-based kind dominantly delivers multiplayer action, yes. Yet online, almost all the titles hosted by popular online casinos are single-player choices.

Can You Use Bonus Funds on Fish Tables?

Yes, you can. Though, these products may not feature the same contribution rate as slots.

What Are the Best Strategies for Fish Table Games?

We recommend aiming for the low-value fish and looking to enter bonus rounds.