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First 3nm ASIC Miners Released

The thriving crypto industry’s long wait for the first ever 3nm ASIC miner was brought to an end recently by Bitramo, a crypto startup managed by a team of technology leaders. The company’s three ASIC miners, Ramo1, Ramo 2, and Ramo X have already made a significant impact on the market with their exquisite performance. Many experienced mining experts as well as newbies have earned high profits using Bitramo’s 3nm ASIC miners.

3nm chips are considered to be the latest breakthrough in mining technology that can be referred to as an improved generation of silicon semiconductor chips. Use of these chips offers a number of benefits including reduced power consumption, higher operating speed, and increased transistor density. Though several tech giants have been trying their best to deliver the first ever ASIC miner equipped with 3nm chips, Bitramo has stunned the market by achieving this feat as a startup.

Hash Rates at a Glance

Bitcoin       Litecoin     Ethereum     Monero

Ramo 1:             360 TH/s      30 GH/s      2 GH/s         2MH/s

Ramo 2:             750 TH/s      70 GH/s      5 GH/s         5 MH/s

Ramo X:            2250 TH/s    210 GH/s    15 GH/s       15 MH/s

As a result of their technical superiority, Ramo1, Ramo 2, and Ramo X miners have created an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to invest in crypto mining. Many experts have claimed that the profitability of these miners is unmatched in the industry so far. According to some users, these miners offer 100% return on investment within just one month.

Bitramo Monthly Profits

Bitcoin       Litecoin     Ethereum     Monero

Ramo 1:           $1900           $1400         $2200          $2500

Ramo 2:           $4000           $3500         $5700          $6600

Ramo X:             $12,300        $10,500      $17,000       $20,000

Even though Bitramo miners are technologically superior compared to most other mining rigs, they are very simple to use. This is probably the foremost reason behind the rising popularity of these miners amongst common users with no previous exposure to crypto mining. All Bitramo miners are delivered preconfigured, and one can start mining just by plugging them into a power source. Also, the system requirements to run these machines are nominal.

Bitramo covers the delivery and custom fees for all its customers, and offers a comprehensive product warranty for all types of software or hardware issues.

More about Bitramo miners can be found at https://bitramo.com/