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Find the Best Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist for Gum Lift

An attractive and healthy gum line is highly important for aesthetic purposes. It makes you look more beautiful when you smile. Besides, it can make a difference to the overall oral health. If you are not pleased with your gum’s natural appearance, you can consider a gum lift provided by a Los Angeles cosmetic dentist.

Soft gum tissues are effective for framing every tooth. That is why gum lifts significantly affect the look and beauty of your smile. Dentists conduct a gum lift process to adjust the height and shape of gum tissue or gingiva. If your gum line is uneven, you need a gum lift. The cosmetic process involves eliminating excess gum tissue and exposing natural teeth.

When should you contact a Los Angeles cosmetic dentist for a gum lift? 

To determine whether you should have a gum lift, you have to check out some signs. The first symptom is that you will experience a receding gum line. It means the tooth root gets exposed due to your gum. Besides, when you have periodontal disease, you will notice exposed tooth roots. When your gum is too large, you can choose a gum lift as a treatment. Dentists specializing in cosmetic dentistry Los Angeles provide this treatment to make your smile symmetrical, beautiful, and straight. Many people prefer gum lifts to make their teeth look longer.

How does gum lift benefit you?

A gum lift is beneficial in different ways-

Healthier and better-looking teeth

Do you feel that your smile looks odd? You are also not satisfied with your teeth. It may happen because of your gum tissues. With gum lifts, you will be able to beautify your smile and have a contoured gingiva around every tooth. So, you will have a natural-looking tooth. When you recover from periodontal disorder, it is not easy to clean the deep pockets. A gum lift also works as the best treatment for pocket reduction.

Make your smile symmetrical

Asymmetrical smile is a problem for several people. You have to see whether there is an uneven tooth or gum line. If your gingival margin is uneven, it creates an illusion that the size of every tooth is different. Your dentist can perform a gum lift on particular teeth to make your gum line even. It also leads to the proper framing of healthy teeth. So, you will have the symmetrical teeth needed for a perfect smile makeover. 

Get rid of gummy smiles

Is your tooth enamel covered by excessive gums or gingiva? It means you have a gummy smile. While looking in the mirror or smiling in photos, you may notice more gum tissues exposed.

Though people with tighter lip muscles have a gummy smile, others have a low gum line. That is why the dentist solves the problem by lifting the gum line. As it elevates the gum level, it prevents the gingiva from becoming less visible. 

Have fuller and longer teeth

If you want to display a larger part of the tooth enamel, you can choose gum lifts. For some people, the gingiva covers the anatomical crown (the portion visible above your gums) that constitutes a significant part. So, the tissue needs a lift to make your toot appear fuller and larger. Those who have uneven or shorter teeth due to gum issues will find the result on the same day of having treatment. Depending on the tooth structure, a gum lift is the right alternative bonding and veneers.

Combined with laser

In the past, a gum lift was an invasive, semi-surgical process. But, this is not currently an issue. Laser therapy on the soft tissues makes this process efficient, gentle, and simplified. The FDA-approved laser technology slowly cauterizes the gum line’s edges because the tissues are adjustable. So, you will have no swelling and bleeding symptoms, which are common in the traditional gum surgery process. Modern laser therapy reduces discomfort and takes only a minimal time to accomplish the cosmetic process. You can look for certified specialists.  

Short recovery time

Post-surgical recovery period is short, and thus, it is a highly advantageous option for many people. In the case of the traditional technique, you had to use a medicated dressing. It can also affect your choice of regular diet because your oral part needs to recover. As the process involves adjusting the gums using lasers, you do not need to make incision sites. No sutures or dressings are essential for this purpose. Besides, you will have no swelling problem.

Does gum lift cause any risk?

Due to potential sensitivity, gum lift may cause a few risks. Based on the exposed part of the structure, teeth may be sensitive. There are several pores (tubules) covering the teeth. So, sudden uncovering of the tubules can cause a shock. If the teeth roots get exposed, there is no thick enamel layer. Moreover, the highly sensitive dentin also gets exposed. Thus, the covering of the gum tissues can keep them safe. However, a cosmetic dentist Los Angeles CA applies the best technique to manage the gum lift.

You can look for the best Los Angeles cosmetic dentist to undergo a gum lift. This treatment will make your smile beautiful and solve cosmetic issues.