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Fernando Aguirre, DHS Ventures Vice Chairman, Announces DHS Acquisition of DHS PETRO Energy & Oil Brazil Increasing Brazil Portfolio by $14.5B

WASHINGTON, DC – January 2, 2023 – Petro DHS Energy & Oil, through its parent company, DHS Ventures & Holdings, is delighted to announce that it has secured full acquisition of its subsidiary core operating area, the Petro Onshore Brazil. This acquisition cements DHS Ventures status as one of the largest landholders in the highly petroliferous basin.  This was announced via its Executive Vice Chairman, Fernando Aguirre.


  • The Company secured onshore Petro Basin through its participation in the Millstone Oil & Energy of Brazil;
  • The acquisition of the subsidiary adds considerable assets to DHS Ventures & Holdings by $14.5 Billion
  • The new company which the Company has already successfully sourced from ANP pre-bid allowing the Company to target specific blocks in its bidding strategy and to fast-track its future work program;
  • In securing this dominant acreage position, the Company has committed to Work Program Guarantees of US$1,723,402 with total Signing Bonuses of US$226,943;

DHS Ventures & Holdings today announces that it has successfully participated in the process of acquisition held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on December 10, 2022.  Petro DHS Energy & Oil has been awarded oil blocks in the Basin, Brazil. This new acquisition will increase the Petro DHS portfolio by $14.5 Billion.

In addition, the new acquisitions are adjacent to some of the largest producing fields in the Basin. The Basin covers an area of approximately 60,000 km2 with over 1 billion barrels of oil produced onshore from >70 onshore oil fields in the basin. Onshore has almost exclusively been held by Petro DHS until the recent divestiture processes and Permanent Offer rounds allowing new entrants to enter this highly prolific Basin. The current oil production from the Basin is ~32,000 bopd.

The Permanent Offer Round is a new initiative in Brazil which allows independent E&P companies to bid on blocks relinquished by Petro DHS as they exit the onshore Brazil upstream market. The Permanent Offer Round was highly competitive with 79 E&P companies qualified by ANP to participate in the bid round.

The closure and signing date for the acquisition of Petro DHS Energy & Oil, a subsidiary of DHS Ventures & Holdings is scheduled to be finalized by December 27th, 2022.


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