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Farhaj Sarwar CEO Of Minha Edible Oils – The Exemplary Humanitarian & Businessman

Minha Edible Oils came into existence for a reason and that was to satiate the demand for high-quality edible oils across Pakistan and the neighboring regions as well. One of the most ambitious projects of NRS International , Minha Edible Oils was launched in 2018. It was to ensure that the common man has access to the highest quality edible oils at affordable prices so that cholesterol-related problems and other health issues that have grown rampant among the people of this region can be prevented across generations. In the present time and age, Minha Edible Oils has become the number one choice of practically every Pakistani household. The biggest reason for the rise of the brand to such a height is that they have a very wide range of products that enables the common man to lead a healthier and happier life.

In The Words Of Farhaj Sarwar,

“There was only one motive in our mind when we initially conceptualized Minha Edible Oils as a brand and that was to bring in profits to the company but we shifted our focus soon enough. We felt that this was a great opportunity to further our cause and stand true to our core beliefs. By providing the people of our country with the most affordable nutritional, and easily accessible products, we will be making a big difference in practically every household in the country. We made sure that everyone had access to the most premium products made with authentic ingredients. Maintaining the highest standard of international quality in all our products is something that we strive to achieve.”

The company spans over 115 acres of land located in Jambar, Paroki. The country has not seen a more modern and state-of-the-art oil generation plant in ages. It has one of the most advanced processes and technologies for oil production and extraction. You will be surprised to know that the production facility is completely automated and is capable of producing more than 300 tons of edible and ghee which is clarified butter.

Minha Edible Oils is a part of NRS International. NRS is a large group of companies based in Pakistan and the UAE. It is actively involved in social work and several humanitarian efforts and projects.

The company is known for providing durable and high-quality refugee tents to people in need all across the world. It has many subsidiaries focusing on the upliftment of the weaker sections of society and the core belief of the welfare of everyone is what rubbed off Minha as well and gave rise to the formation of this enterprise in the first place.

“We would say that all our humanitarian efforts and projects had a deep impact on Minha Edible Oils and the primary focus of the enterprise shifted from being only a commercial undertaking to a welfare company with a motive of providing high-quality edible oils without disrupting the budget of the majority of the families and households in the country.”

Sarwar says.

But the journey of Minha Edible Oils has not been that easy. There were several obstacles including government permissions, grants, land acquisition delays, permits from local governance officers, and technological deficiencies. The company had to overcome a lot of hurdles despite being a part of the many subsidiaries of NRS International and having global resources at its disposal.

The biggest struggle that Minha Edible Oils had to face was the existence of the manual way of working. There was very little scope for automation across Pakistan and this was something that they pioneered, making this company one of the earliest brands to invest in such a technology. The workers and employees had to be educated and trained in various automation technologies and techniques so that they could deliver the required quantity and expected quality of production.

“Well, I was not alone. My brothers were with me and my mother’s blessings are what got us all through. We handled this situation very diplomatically and with all our wits combined. We came up with a specialized program to train all our employees, associates, workers, and even our partners to help them understand what automation is all about and what technology will be implemented throughout production and operations. Before that, we also made sure that everybody understood how automation is important to reduce working capital consumption and significantly decrease the overall cost of production and other operations across divisions and departments in the company.

We were able to achieve stunning results only because of the mentoring that my brothers and I had received from our father. He made sure that we always worked hard and never substituted it for tricks or gimmicks. My brothers, Farhan, Furqan, and Ahmar have been there beside me as my constant source of support and inspiration. They have worked with me shoulder-to-shoulder every step of the way and they are the reason that Minha Edible Oils holds such a coveted spot in the economy of Pakistan.”

Says Sarwar.

The FMCG Journey Of Minha Edible Oil

If we go by facts, the aim of the creators of Minha Edible Oils was never to enter the FMCG business at all. But things turned out to be quite the opposite. Minha Edible Oils became one of the largest exporters of edible oils within practically no time. It is safe to say that the name was able to create massive disruption in the FMCG business in Pakistan and various neighboring countries as well. This is because it has always been a highly consumer-oriented company including Noor Poultry which is again one of its many successful sister concerns under the NRS umbrella.

The one driving factor that propelled Minha Edible Oils and Noor Poultry to their exemplary success in Pakistan is the steady but constant rise in population. The market is constantly expanding and so is the scope of such brands.

“The primary objective with which we created this company was to empower the economy of the country. We made sure to focus on reducing the cost of production so that the final product became even more affordable for the consumer. The only way to do that is to ensure fair and highly efficient business practices from the ground up to the highest department in the company. We want to consistently create high-quality products that can match up to the standards of the global produce manufactured by the largest international brands. The fact that we are able to keep the price low is what sets us apart. We consider this one of our biggest achievements and we are fortunate enough to have made a difference in the lives of several people in Pakistan.”

Sarwar says.