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Exploring With The Human Face Of Digital Assets, Ziad Ghosn, Serial Entrepreneur And Cryptocurrency Advocate

Ziad was always a brain eater for topics that amused him. But whenever he started getting more insights on the issues, it took him a lot of work. It was not always that he cracked the code in the first place, but with time he did. Almost a decade back, he got his mind stuck on the buzzword and has been exploring it since then. Yes, it is Cryptocurrency! At first, the subject was tedious to understand, but he never called it a day until there was something new he learnt every single day. It was never child’s play for him to be on track when something bothered him; he was always adamant about using his knowledge in some productive place. And this is how he started using the knowledge he acquired about Cryptocurrency in his personal and professional life.

As a startup founder, Ziad’s knowledge has added value and assets not only in his professional journey but also given him inspiring personal experiences. He started his journey in this popping-up industry in the year 2012, which led him to face both sides of the coin, profit and loss. But it was when Ziad decided not to stop and explore more about the subject in depth. He has been residing in Dubai for almost three decades now, and this is where his network or contacts helped him endure the buzzword. Though it was not a well-accepted or legal subject back then, he found his way to joining hands with two Crypto startups in the year 2017 to expand their operations in the GCC. People say that baby steps make you a smooth walker, and this first step was a victorious one for Ghosn.

But as soon as he became more captivated by this subject, it came to his notice that it is not the same for everyone. Some people find it a smooth journey to trade in Crypto, while some face hurdles and become victims of scams that were unthinkable. Yes, scams are a routine in this sector as well. It can happen with an individual investor or an exchange. ?

In February 2022, a Crypto exchange named Wormhole lost approximately $320 million, followed by a cyber attack. Despite following all the protocols to maintain tight security internally, cyber attackers find frailty points and take advantage of them. Other than this, scammers plan on stealing account details, including the private key, with some tricks possible. Whether the subject is new or old, thieves use their old petty tricks for their robbery. In Cryptocurrency, the majority of scams happen in the form of Phishing. This kind of scam has not been around for a very long time now but has gained popularity among scammers. The scammer builds his online presence in a way that talks about him as a highly managed professional in this subject who has tremendous years of experience and a strong network. They can manipulate you by sending malicious or unauthorized links to a fake website that they claim to be theirs to gain your personal information. Some people with a strong eye don’t fall under their trap, but a few become victims of their scams.

Now the question arises, how do we stop these scams from happening? Since technology is taking a whole new level, is it possible somehow to come up with a tool or software that reads people’s minds or scans their retinas to identify if they are trustable or not? Well, not for the coming decades, maybe. Then what is it? One way out of this scam hole is to encourage the companies that come up with the intent of lending a helping hand to the investors that got hoodwinked into a scam. Many existing organizations can also help people to become aware of the scams that might look like welfare to them. Another way of putting an end to scams and thefts is by coming up with the concept of reverse transactions in Cryptocurrencies. It is Ziad’s personal belief that sometimes even after being very cautious, we may become the victim of a scam by the person we were expecting to be of our help. By being able to reverse the transaction made, one can get themself out of the marsh and get hands-on their assets once again.

Being a proficient individual in the subject, it is his opinion that scams are a distressing way to earn easy money or steal in simple words. He was always keen to learn about blockchain technologies, and it is his passion for the subject that led him to get deeper in this subject. It is with consistency that he can now transfer the knowledge to people that are either newcomers in the industry or are still making their way into understanding the subject better. Ziad talks about his setbacks and victories combined that always made him go a step up and get a new perspective every time. This somehow built the confidence in him and made him believe in himself. It is after witnessing peaks and valleys that Ziad landed him in getting recognized for his work through prestigious awards. Hard work always sets an example for the other people, so here is a list of few of his achievements:

  • Gold Lynx – March 2014
  • Independent Agency of the Year 2015 – March 2015
  • Top 9 Best Startups in Dubai – May 2016
  • Finalist in the Smartpreneur Competition – May 2016
  • Top 50 best startups to watch in UAE – October 2016
  • Top 100 Smartest People in UAE – September 2017
  • Champion of Innovation – October 2017

Although he doesn’t see himself at the very ultimate stage of becoming a learner, there are ladders he has climbed while snakes getting in his way. Facing good and bad times is what made him realize how crucial it is to be adamant about bridging the gap between your motive and your goal. It may not always be a smooth journey for him, but his experiences made him better with each passing day! ?

In his early years, he made himself committed to being a proactive participant in local, regional, as well as global peer blockchain networks that was the kinetic energy he needed to kickstart the voyage.

With a keen interest and utmost consistency in this subject, Ziad fits in all the places to be called as the human face of digital assets. He was always determined to learn what got into his mind, and thus he has made the best use of it.

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