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Explore Southeast Asia’s Gems: The Ultimate Bucket List for Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia


Southeast Asia is one of the most enchanting regions in Asia, and nowadays, more and more people choose Indochina tours for their vacations. All countries there are attractive in their own way, yet Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia are the three countries receiving the most attention from travelers.
If you don’t know where to explore and what to do on your trip, keep reading our ultimate bucket list for these three countries below.

Bucket List Destination

Southeast Asia is well-known for its historical and cultural diversity. This group of tropical countries is located between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, making them home to many of the best beaches in the world. You’ll find the region’s incredible wildlife and pristine nature are preserved. The area has many ancient forts, historic cities, and several wonderful UNESCO World Heritage sites that amaze every traveler.

In addition, one inevitable part of taking Indochina tours is to try their unique and delicious cuisine. A sweeping variety of cuisines is available everywhere, from high-end restaurants to street food stalls. Moving inside the cities and across the countries is also made easy by convenient means of transport.

Southeast Asia is an ideal destination all year as the tropical weather grants the region sunny and warm days the whole year. Most countries have two distinct seasons: dry and wet. Though it’s said better to take a trip there in the dry season as you can enjoy clear weather on the beach or mountain, having your journey in the wet season gives you a chance to enjoy cool and fresh air, fewer crowds, and lower prices.

Vietnam Bucket List

  1. Explore the Old Quarter in Hanoi

Old Quarter, a 2000-year-old area located in the heart of Hanoi, is a worth-visiting place in all Indochina tours. It comprises about 80 streets with scrapes and buildings retaining the history and style of the capital. You also can find many things selling on the streets, such as T-shirts, bags, souvenirs, etc.

  1. Feel the beat in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Chi Minh is the economic center of Vietnam, with fast growth of buildings and residences. Besides the feeling of a hustle and bustle city, tourists can also understand Vietnam’s bloody past by visiting different museums such as the Ho Chi Minh Museum or the War Remnants Museum.

  1. See the world’s spectacular Halong Bay

Missing this famous World Heritage Site in your Indochina tours will be a mistake. Halong Bay has around 1600 limestone towers rising from the water. There are various cruise itineraries for tourists to choose from and enjoy the stunning seascapes and other exciting activities.

Thailand Bucket List

  1. Explore Bangkok inside out


The capital of Thailand is a blend of modernity and tradition, where its finest temples of the city are wrapped by its modern edges. Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, and other famous temples are close to shopping malls, skyscrapers, street traders, etc.

  1. Indulge yourself in the local culture of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, the largest city in the North of Thailand and the second biggest city in the country is the cultural essence where many religious sites gather. Along with that are cultural festivals and gorgeous nature waiting for you to discover.

  1. Explore the fabulous Phuket

Phuket is a fantastic island with numerous attractions and activities for tourists. It is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, including Patong Beach, Kata Beach, and Karon Beach. These beaches offer crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and stunning sunsets. Phuket is also known for its delicious food, which is a blend of Thai, Chinese, and Malay influences. Some of the must-try dishes include Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, and Massaman Curry.

Cambodia Bucket List

  1. Explore Phnom Penh day and night

The capital, Phnom Penh, has many attractions to visit. The Royal palace and Silver pagoda are for those who are in love with the local tradition and culture, the Killing Fields and S21 Prison are for those who want to grasp a part of the crucial history happened in Cambodia, and markets are for those who want to understand local life and taste the country’s culinary.

  1. Discover Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s national symbol and one of the UNESCO World Heritage, is a must-visit place in most Indochina tours. Its imposing and fabulous architecture will bring you nothing but an impression. This architectural masterpiece perfectly combines balance, proportions, composition, and sculpture, giving it a magnificent and mighty appearance.

  1. Explore the hidden gem of Battambang

The small town of Battambang, which is only a 3-hour bus ride from Siem Reap, has many things to become a destination for your excursion. Renting a bike to ride along the bright green rice fields, kayaking through villages, hiking to the killing caves, and riding the bamboo train are some activities you can enjoy in Battambang.

Tips for Traveling in Southeast Asia

After choosing the countries you want to visit, you should check their visa policies, as each requirement is different and constantly changes. If the government allows online application and visa-on-arrival, make sure you prepare passport-size photos with you.

Check the requirements and recommendations for vaccinations at your destination, and get them if you have not. It’s also advisable to have tetanus shots and typhoid vaccines to prepare for your Indochina tour.

If you plan to visit these countries in summer, ensure you prepare sunglasses, suncream, hats, etc., and always carry a bottle of water with you as the sun is intense and you can quickly get dehydrated.

Always take care of your belongings and avoid scams. If you are unsure about something, ask your guide for help. Try out Vietnam tours by Best Price Travel; you can enjoy your trip while leaving all other details to us.

When purchasing stuff in the markets or on the street, it’s a cultural norm to bargain, yet you should do it with proper etiquette. Always keep a smile, make friends with locals, and learn some simple words of their language.  It helps you gain lots of positive impressions and get a fair price.


Above are well-known and hidden gems of Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia that you should visit at least once. Besides the mentioned bucket list, Southeast Asian countries have many more amazing things to explore. Find your best tour here to experience the beauty of Indochina with ease and affordability.