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Explore how MotionGility is helping Tech Companies Boost their Product Awareness

The technology industry is extremely complex, for reasons known to everyone.

With the inflow of thousands of tech, especially AI-based products launched regularly, it has become mandatory for brands to navigate their marketing efforts in a goal-driven direction.

But in most of cases, creators find it difficult to convey their message and convince the target audience their product is a solution to most of their daily life problems.

To combat such situations and help technology startups raise awareness about their product, MotionGility has an appealing and results-driven solution in the face of animated product demos.

Here, MotionGility which is also one of the world’s leading animated video production companies, is carving out an engaging, quick, and actionable solution for technology companies worldwide.

Easing the Product Awareness Challenge through Animated Videos

Simply put, animated product demos are short animated videos that help startups demonstrate their product or service in a quick and engaging manner within 60-75 seconds.

These videos make use of catchy visuals, and rich icons, and are created in a manner to position a brand’s product effectively in the target market.

After producing animated videos for hundreds of global clients, the company is now primarily helping SaaS, FinTech, HealthTech, and technology companies in general in accelerating their marketing efforts.

MotionGility is ensuring that brands can hook their target audience’s attention with ease, thus encouraging actions and driving traffic to websites and landing pages.

Considering the complexities involved in products, brands are finding it easy to communicate the key benefits & highlight the features with the help of such videos.

Why MotionGility is the best when it comes to producing Actionable Animated Videos?

Given its expertise in creating animated videos for enterprises, the company is marching forward in its vision of becoming the best animated explainer video production company in the world.

One of the core abilities the company has portrayed over the years is the exceptional way of telling brand and product stories for brands worldwide.

The company houses experienced marketers, scriptwriters, storytellers, illustration & motion graphic artists, and animators that are at the forefront of developing supreme videos for brands to spread the word about their products.

With MotionGility, new-age startups, MNCs, and global enterprises can now leverage the power of animated videos and generate a ton of benefits such as acquiring new users, training their workforce, raising brand awareness, boosting conversions, and the list continues.