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Exclusive: Check Out The 4 Best Black di Forza Rims from Savini Wheels

Savini Wheels has been at the forefront of the aftermarket custom rims niche for a while now. Although a few major players in the same niche were already in business when Savini was founded in 2003, it has made rapid gains over the years.

Savini boasts a very broad range of choices for discerning customers. It is pretty famous for being one of the handful of brands which can customize a series of high-end rims for almost any vehicle, including heavily modded ones.

The company’s ‘Black di Forza’ range is currently one of the most revered aftermarket wheels. Savini has stated that the primary objective of this family of rims is to offer hassle-free daily-use rides, topped up with style and functionality.

Of course, every member of this range can be customized on several fronts- offsets, center bores, bolt patterns and finishes are a few of them. Ever since the first Black di Forza rims were put on sale in 2013-’14, sales figures have always gone north.

If you are planning to finally get yourself a set of made-to-order Savini Wheels this year, you might want to consider the following options.

5 super models from Savini’s Black di Forza range

Each one of these rims is crafted from high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy; this is aerospace-grade material.

A. Staggered BM15: The BM15 is the flagship of the entire family and has a huge fan base across the United States and across the world. This is a true directional rim and has a very distinctive concave profile; these add value in the long run as the BM15 can withstand severe and sustained damage.

The 10-spoke design has been a staple but has undergone a few changes over the years. The 20-inch BM15 in glossy black is the variant that sells in impressive numbers. You can opt for custom finishes if you wish. From brushed silver and a few other metallic tones to cherry red and teal, there are options galore.

This 1-piece rim looks uber-cool on almost any luxury vehicle including sedans, coupes, stretch limos, supercars and sportscars. From the Maybach to the RR Wraith to deluxe EVs and even concept cars, you can personalize this model and it will fit like a suede glove.

It really is an all-rounder!

Recommended for: High-end sedans

B. Staggered BM12: Savini Wheels has launched several variants of the BM12 since 2015. It is a masterpiece of art and engineering, and its customization options are famous. The 10-spoke design might look pretty dull but the fine machining on the rim’s central face and across the lip gives it a big boost in the style quotient.

The 22-inch BM12 in a matte black finish is by far the most popular variant. It has excellent load and speed ratings and is one of the few Black di Forza models that are also sought by SUV and pickup van owners.

You can ask for personalized offset and bolt patterns. The 22-inch model is large enough to accommodate bigger TPMS aftermarket kits and will fit lifted vehicles easily.

The BM12 has been seen adorning everything from bigger and heavier Mercedes-Benz S-Class or a Bentley Flying Spur, Mustangs, compact Hondas, and even modified Ford F-250 vans!

Recommended for: Luxury cars

C. Staggered BM13: Next up is the 20-inch staggered BM13 rims from Savini. They share almost all the attributes of the previous models and has 2 significant advantages that makes it stand apart: it is the lightest rim in this range at 28 pounds, and it can hold its own on both city roads and (easier) trails.

The BM13 is not an off-road model by any means, but it has enough strength and durability to provide you with very decent driving experiences on asphalt. The 20-inch black machined model is ideal for deluxe sedans and coupes and will add a bit more oomph to full-sized SUVs like the Jeep Grand Cherokee or the Kia Telluride.

The BM13 is often considered as the best-engineered member of the Black di Forza family.

Recommended for: Sedans & high-end SUVs (full and mid-sized)

D. BM9: The BM9 is the best kept secret weapon of Savini Wheels! It has been inspired by the Big Boys on the racing tracks, and its engineering is clearly aimed at clients who own high-end supercars. The BM9 is available in 2 sizes but the 20-inch model in an effortlessly elegant matte titanium finish is the one you should ferret out.

Like many of the other models here, the BM9 too has back-pad machining that brings down the weight by a lot. This is a concave model and has a very deep lip.

2023 will witness a new avatar of the Savini BM9, but that cannot be verified at the moment. What Savini has publicly stated is that it is working on lowering the rim weight further.

Oh, and the central aluminum cap can be swapped with several custom caps bearing the logo of your vehicle. How about that?!

Recommended for: Supercharged luxe cars (think Jaguar XE or F-Type/Volvo S90 or XC60)

A few last words

Since we are discussing custom rims from Savini Wheels, it is necessary that you understand and implement all technical facets that differ vastly across vehicle segments. For that, you will have to get professional opinion.

Tires too have to be selected very carefully.

We recommend AudioCity USA (in Santa Fe Springs, California) very highly because they have been doing this for around 35 years now.

But only you choose which retailer you’ll visit and no one else!