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EvoTec Attends GPOWER 2022 with Advanced Three-Phase Generators

EvoTec, one of China’s reputed generator manufacturers, displayed its three-phase generators in the excellent exhibition, GPOWER, held in Nanjing from August 11-13. The company exhibited its hot-selling three-phase generators at booths 5-018 and 7-066, including industrial generators, high voltage generators, industrial generators, and marine generators.

These three-phase generators have come into existence after years of research and development by the company. These three-phase generators’ advanced, modern design and functionality are destined to turn people’s heads and achieve splendid appraisal at the exhibition.

About GPOWER 2022

GPOWER 2022 is a massive exhibition that connects businesses with the three-phase generator industry. It has been in action for several years, helping organizations come together, share their achievements and expertise, and connect with others to build a strong network. Any that wishes to get the word about their product or innovation out in the country, GPOWER is the platform that helps organizations who want to enhance their brand awareness and expand their market.

EvoTec Participation

EvoTec has been meticulously preparing to shine with its new three-phase generators during the exhibition for the last several months. EvoTec is proud of its high-power three-phase generators and eager to show them off at the exhibition. Three-phase generators are widely accepted and appreciated around the globe, and EvoTec’s latest designs and characteristics are destined to attract people. Being one of China’s most reputable generator manufacturers, EvoTec has done a splendid job with its three-phase generator.

One of the three-phase generators, industrial generators, is a suitable generator for the general public. It’s used for various purposes, including heat dissipation and ventilation. Due to its low efficiency and low production of excess heat, it can be used in many scenarios where emitted heat could be an issue. Due to less generated heat, these generators are also incredibly power-efficient.

Another type of EvoTec’s popular three-phase generator is the high voltage generator. Even though these generators can create immense power, they are compact and tend to fit in small spaces. Furthermore, these three-phase generators effectively dissipate heat, protecting them from overheating. High voltage generators are also incredibly resistant to moisture and other environmental invaders, making them an even better option to be used in rugged environments.

In addition, EvoTec will bring its competitive marine diesel alternators and customized generators to the exhibition. With years of hard efforts in R&D, the marine generators have superior functions which have a longer service life and are suitable for harsh situations to provide customers with the best user experience. And people worldwide will have the chance to experience these generators.

Above all, it is an excellent opportunity for EvoTec to interact with its customers and famous manufacturers in the same industry. In addition, EvoTec hopes to enhance its brand awareness through this comprehensive platform as well as set a long-term friendships with customers.

About EvoTec

EvoTec is one of the top manufacturers of industry-standard alternators in China. The R&D team is working continuously to improve and evolve EvoTec’s products to meet the customers’ demands. At the moment, EvoTech has more than 45 patents filed in the industrial space, giving it an edge over the fierce competition when it comes to innovation.

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