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EVI7 Unveils New Social Network, Invites Individuals And Businesses

EVI7 is a new modern social network that combines timelines, fan pages, business pages, and trending topics in one place. Invites individuals and businesses to create fan pages, and business showcases while also focusing on current events.

Netherlands, February 7th, 2023 – Today, EVI7 (evi7.com), a new modern social network, has unveiled its online portal. Unlike most social networks, EVI7 focuses on a friendly environment that enables individuals and businesses to feature themselves. Connecting to other users has never been so easy, as EVI7 uses modern technology to enable its users to discover other network members easily.

Individuals and companies are invited to join the network by visiting https://evi7.com/

“Of course, many people will think – oh, yet another social network – but our network is different. We focus on providing an experience instead of yet another place to hang out.” Jens Beeren, EVI7’s administrator commented.

EVI7 (the name stands for “evil”) – a reference, that basically stands for “aren’t we all a bit evil sometimes” – enables its members to use various features the site has to offer.

Features include:

+ public and private timelines
+ creating fan pages and business pages
+ posting products and services to their own marketplace
+ publishing special deals and  promotions
+ posting and discovering events to attend
+ discovering news and headlines / daily deals and jobs
+ creating profiles, connecting to friends and companies
+ participating in public and  private conversations
+ participating in community forums
+ discovering new music/artists, movies, and online games

Joining EVI7 is free of charge. Members of the EVI7 network are also able to earn reward points while participating within the network. Reward points can be used to advertise or upgrade accounts at no cost.

As a special launch promotion, EVI7 hands out USD 50.00 vouchers to new users, which can be used for free advertising throughout the network. To profit from this offer, new network members may contact the site administrators to claim this special promotional offer.


Media Contact

Jens Beeren
Parkstraat 83
2514 JG Den Haag
The Netherlands

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