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Everything You Need To Run A Mobile Business From A Station Wagon

Unlike utes or 4x4s, station wagons aren’t typically known for being the most versatile business vehicles. But with a few simple modifications and creative thinking, you can turn your humble station wagon into a mobile business powerhouse. Here’s what you need to get started:

1. Storage Solutions

The key to any successful mobile business is having the right storage solutions. Invest in some high-quality station wagon storage drawers and organisers. Most businesses find that double or triple wagon drawers installed in side-by-side configurations work best.

These drawers feature heavy-duty construction and are designed to accommodate a wide variety of items, from spare parts and tools to stationery supplies and marketing materials.

For those whose mobile business will involve food storage and prep, consider getting fridge-in-drawer systems, which provide convenient access to chilled items while providing a neat and professional workspace.

2. Mobile Hotspot

You need to stay connected to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. Therefore, a reliable mobile hotspot is an absolute must for any mobile business, providing internet access and the ability to accept payments on the go.

Look for a portable hotspot with enough bandwidth to handle your day-to-day activities and features 4G LTE coverage in your area. This will ensure a fast, reliable connection wherever your business takes you.

Fortunately, mobile hotspots are quite small and can fit into any wagon drawer, turning your mobile business into a Wi-Fi hotspot for you and your customers.

3. Professional Paint Job

Give your station wagon a professional look and feel with a custom paint job. A professional-looking vehicle will create a better impression on clients as they realise you invested in the appearance of your business – even if it is just a small detail like the colour of your wagon.

Pro Tip: Keep a space in your storage drawers for stickers, decals, and other merchandise you can give away to customers and promote your business. This will help establish brand loyalty and generate repeat customers. Plus, it will make sure that your branding materials are always in an easy-to-reach (and find) place.

4. Emergency Roadside Equipment

Delays on the road due to car malfunctions are inevitable. To ensure you’re prepared for any eventuality, equip your station wagon with emergency roadside equipment such as a first-aid kit, jumper cables, and other items that can help get you back on the road in no time.

These items should be stored in heavy-duty station wagon storage drawers designed to hold a heavier capacity of up to 150 kilos. This will make sure your emergency equipment is secure and easily accessible when you need it most.

Start Your Mobile Business on the Right Foot

With easy-sliding, convenient-to-use wagon drawers, a reliable mobile hotspot, an eye-catching paint job, and proper emergency equipment, you’ll have everything you need to run a successful mobile business from your station wagon. For more tips on designing your vehicle for the right mobile business setup, reach out to a local station wagon vehicle storage specialist.