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Everything You Need to Know As a Ballroom Dance Fan in Miami

The vibrant city of Miami might be best known for sunny beaches and a lively atmosphere, but it’s also total heaven for any ballroom dance enthusiasts. You might already be a seasoned dancer or perhaps you’re just starting out and getting into this hobby, but either way there are plenty of exciting things to do in Miami to fulfil your passion for ballroom dancing.

Dance Classes

If you’re looking to improve your dance skills or just learn ballroom dance in Miami from scratch, then there are all kinds of classes catering to dancers of all levels. There are lots of studios where you can take private lessons or join group classes led by experienced instructors who will teach you everything from the basic steps to advanced techniques. Dance classes are great for keeping you fit, having fun and socialising as well as teaching you skills so are the perfect place to start.


If you’re a more seasoned dancer and want to try out your skills against others, competitions can be a lot of fun, and Miami plays host to a number of ballroom dance competitions and showcases throughout the year. One highlight is the Miami Vibe DanceSport Competition, which brings together top dancers from around the country to compete in a variety of styles including ballroom, Latin and swing.

Social Dance Scene

Speaking of socialising, Miami also boasts a vibrant social dance scene. Many clubs and dance halls in the city host regular social dances where dancers of all levels can come together to practise their moves and enjoy the company of other dancers. One of these is the Miami Dance Club, which puts on weekly social dance nights featuring a variety of music and dance styles- perfect if you’re looking to practise your salsa skills or try out some new moves. Social dances are a fun and relaxed way to surround yourself with the exciting world of ballroom dancing.

Dance Shows

If you prefer to watch rather than participate, Miami has you covered with all kinds of dance shows and performances. One place to check is the Magic City Casino, this is a lively entertainment destination that hosts regular ballroom dance events featuring talented performers from around the world. The South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center also regularly features performances by renowned dance companies and talented local artists, with a wide range of dance styles including ballroom on offer so be sure to check what’s on.


What better way to celebrate the thing you love than with a festival, and Miami is home to lots of annual dance festivals that are not to be missed. One of these is the Miami Salsa Congress, this is a week long celebration of Latin dance featuring workshops, performances, and social dances with some of the biggest names in the industry. Miami also hosts the International Dance Festival Miami, a stretching over a number of weeks and showcasing a diverse array of dance styles from around the world. These include traditional folk dances to cutting-edge contemporary choreography, ballroom and more.