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Estimate Experts Leverage Xactimate and Symbility to Deliver Precise and Efficient Estimation Services for Insurance Claims and Restoration Projects

Comparing Xactimate and Symbility: Two leading software solutions for estimating insurance claims.

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States, October 1, 2023 – Xactimate estimating services is one of the most commonly searched terms in the USA nowadays, especially by insurance and restoration companies. You can streamline your insurance claims process with specialized software solutions. Speed and accuracy are key in the insurance industry, and many companies are turning to innovative technology to meet the demands.

What Is Xactimate?

Being able to accurately estimate damages and the cost of repairs is crucial for any professional working in the restoration and insurance industries. Xactimate is a computer program designed to help adjusters, restoration contractors, and insurance carriers estimate the cost of repairs for damaged properties.

Xactimate is software developed by Xactware, a renowned company that provides technology solutions to the insurance and restoration industry. The program is designed to calculate the cost of repairs for damaged properties, including water, fire, storm, and other damages. Xactimate ensures that the estimates provided are accurate by using actual labor and material costs that are specific to the region where the damage occurred.

Benefits Of Xactimate

One of the main benefits of Xactimate is that it saves time by enabling professionals to generate detailed and precise estimates quickly. Users can input various factors such as the type of damage, the square footage of the affected area, and the cost of materials and labor in the local region, and the software will provide an estimated cost for the repair work.

In addition, Xactimate uses a comprehensive pricing database that includes prices for thousands of materials to ensure accuracy.

Features Of Xactimate

Another impressive feature of Xactimate is the ability to add annotations and photos to the estimate. Users can include comments and pictures that help explain the damages, which is essential for documentation purposes. Xactimate also allows users to share estimates electronically with other professionals involved in the restoration process.

Xactimate is an industry standard, and many insurance carriers prefer to work with professionals who use it. Insurance adjusters expect to receive Xactimate estimates when working with restoration contractors. Being familiar with Xactimate and using it proficiently can give contractors an edge when competing for job tenders.

Drawbacks Of Xactimate

Xactimate has some drawbacks, however. The program can be difficult to learn and navigate, and because it’s so powerful, it can be overwhelming for those who don’t have a lot of experience with estimating software. Additionally, the cost of using Xactimate is significant – users must purchase both the program itself as well as an annual subscription fee in order to access the pricing database and other features.

Xactimate is powerful software that enables professionals in the insurance and restoration industry to provide accurate estimates for repair work. It is a valuable tool for contractors, adjusters, and insurance carriers looking to streamline their processes and save time while delivering precise estimates. With its easy-to-use interface, comprehensive database, and other impressive features, Xactimate is undoubtedly a must-have for anyone working in the restoration industry.


Technology has made our lives easier and faster, and it has revolutionized every sector, including the insurance industry. Symbility is a technology company that connects insurers, contractors, and policyholders. It is a cloud-based platform that offers comprehensive solutions to manage claims, mitigate risk, and reduce operational costs.

Symbility’s core offering is its Claims Management System (CMS). It streamlines and automates the claims process, which helps reduce the processing time and ensures accurate claims evaluation. CMS includes features like workflow management, estimate creation, photo annotation, audit trails, and report generation.

The platform integrates with third-party vendors to provide additional features like aerial imagery, fraud detection, and building materials database. It allows adjusters to access the system from anywhere using their mobile devices, which makes it easier to collect data and process claims quickly.

Features Of Symbility

One of the unique features of Symbility is its Mobile Claims app, available on iOS and Android devices. The app empowers policyholders by providing them with a self-service platform to report and track their claims. The app allows policyholders to take photos, upload them, and initiate the claims process.

It sends real time notifications to policyholders about the status of their claims and any updates. This not only reduces the workload of adjusters but also increases transparency and trust between the insurer and the policyholder.

Another valuable feature of Symbility is its Analytical Services. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze claims data and helps insurers identify trends, patterns, and areas of improvement. It provides actionable insights that help insurers optimize their claims workflow, improve claim accuracy, reduce claims processing time, and ultimately improve cost efficiency.

Analytical Services leverages predictive analytics to identify potential fraud, assess risk, and forecast claim liability. This helps insurers make informed decisions and mitigate risk effectively.

Symbility’s Contractor Connection is a network of prescreened contractors that help policyholders with property repair and restoration. It offers benefits like faster claim resolution, guaranteed workmanship, and hassle-free service. Symbility manages the Contractor Connection network, which includes over 20,000 contractors across North America. The network is available 24/7, and contractors are required to adhere to strict quality and service standards. Using the Contractor Connection, policyholders can quickly find a contractor near them and get their property restored efficiently.


Streamline your claims process and make informed decisions with the tools offered by both Xactimate and Symbility. If you’re seeking a comprehensive and feature-rich solution, Xactimate is your go-to. On the other hand, if you prefer a straightforward, cloud-based solution, Symbility is the way to go. Choose the option that aligns with your specific needs and priorities.

Streamline your claims process today with the right software option for insurance professionals. Xactimate offers a comprehensive solution, providing extensive cost data and repair methods. Alternatively, Symbility offers a simple, cloud-based option that seamlessly integrates with other tools.


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