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Essential Features for Apartments: Access Control System

Residential facilities, such as apartment buildings, have shot up in popularity over the recent years. As housing gets more expensive year by year, a lot of people have turned to apartments as their next best practical choice. This rise in interest and demand in apartments have forced a lot of owners and operators to modernize and improve the quality of living in these areas. One of the ways in which owners and operators achieve this is by using an access control system. In this article, we are going to talk about the concept behind an access control system, specifically on the advantages and benefits it provides. If you are keen to know more about this technology, we recommend checking out the Swiftlane access control system website for additional information.

What is an access control system?

The term “access control system” is actually very easy to understand. It is essentially a network of interconnected devices that work together to control access within an area. Access control systems are typically used in buildings or in offices where there’s a lot of people at any given time. This system is intended to be both a convenience and a security feature. We are going to expound this idea later on in the benefit part of this text.

How does it work?

Access control systems make use of different devices and components to achieve its function. Typically, an access control system is made up of electronic door locks, pin entry modules, readers, cameras, microphones, and these are all hooked up into a centralized control unit. These components are packaged into a single panel and it often looks rectangular or boxy in shape. These panels are then scattered throughout the area and installed near entrances, such as gates and doors. This is so that it can be easily accessed by the users. More advanced access control systems integrate the use of cameras and microphones for better monitoring and for keeping track of the movement of the people within the area. In an access control system, users are given a unique entry code or item, depending on the type of authentication system used. This could be in the form of a key card, a key fob, or through a smartphone app. It could also be biometric, which uses either fingerprint, face, voice, or retina for authentication and verification.

What are the benefits of an access control system?

First, convenience. Having an access control system in place of the traditional lock and key system allows for a high degree of convenience for all the users. Basically, tenants won’t have to carry bulky keys with them at all times and they won’t have to worry about breaking the key or losing it. In an access control system, users have plenty of options to verify their access and so if one method does not work, there are many backups available. Second, security. The authentication and verification procedures in an access control system are much more advanced and complex. This is especially true for biometric unlocking where the identification is linked with the user’s physical features. This makes it very hard for other people to duplicate and bypass the locks. Third, better monitoring. Access control systems also play a huge role in management function. Through this system, the management is able to oversee the activity within the area and keep track of the movement of the people. This enables them to generate entry/exit logs, to have live-monitoring abilities, and to respond better and faster to certain scenarios.

Is it essential?

The trend indicates that a lot of people will be choosing apartments over houses for residential purposes. This means that, in the coming years, apartments are going to be a lot more relevant. As this industry prospers, it also gives rise to competition. It can also bring forth industry standards and requirements. Eventually, access control systems will either be advantageous to the business or it will be mandatory for these types of businesses. In either case, it would be smart for owners and operators to have such a system sooner rather than later.