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Enjoy Hours of Uninterrupted Cycling with StrideCharge’s Wireless Charging Phone Mount

The wireless Charging Phone Case and Mount for bicycles is easily attached to your handlebars and protects your iPhone from vibrations as you ride.

You don’t have to be a Tour de France competitor to appreciate the thrill of riding your bike down city streets and along trails. No matter how far technology takes us, pedaling along on your own power, feeling the wind in your face, and going just a little faster never gets old. With every pump of your legs, you leave behind office politics and all the dishes still waiting to be done, and you experience true freedom as you go wherever you choose. Then it happens – you take one turn too many and realize you’re lost. No problem! You’ve got your handy trail map app on your iPhone. When you pull it out, however, you realize the battery is dead. If only you had had the patent-pending, wireless Charging Phone Case and Mount created by StrideCharge.

The founders of StrideCharge, who are also cyclists, know that few things are more frustrating than being jolted out of a cycling groove by a dead phone. Rather than continue to seek out the nearest gas station or convenience store to power up, they decided to innovate a Charging Phone Case and Mount that could come along for the ride.

Their biggest goal was to make the product simple to attach, as the last thing most people want to do is break out the tool box to attach a mount to a bicycle. With this in mind, StrideCharge’s design team created an easy-to-use Mount that locks into place and stays put as you ride along. It can fit handlebars that are 25-40 mm in diameter, so whether you have a mountain bike, racing bike, or a get-around-town bike, you can keep your iPhone charged as you go.

The next issue was durability, as even the smoothest trails and roads cause vibrations that can damage phones. StrideCharge researched the materials available and ultimately chose ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethanes), which are known for their strength and resistance to weathering. By incorporating them in the product design, StrideCharge could increase the ability of its Mount and Charging Phone Case to absorb shocks.

Then it all came down to testing – a lot of it. While StrideCharge’s products are the first on the market, we all have purchased other types of mounts that tended to slip over time. This was one of the company’s biggest concerns: would their Mount and Charging Phone Case stay in place even when a cyclist was riding over rough terrain? Extensive testing showed that the products worked so well that the person did not have to grip them. As a bonus, StrideCharge also made it possible for an iPhone to be used as it is charging.

Since its release to the market, StrideCharge’s products have been well-received by cyclists. It is not hard to see why. Carrying a cell phone with us everywhere we go has become as common as wearing shoes on our feet. Cyclists – and for that matter, anyone who is miles away from the nearest electrical outlet – need their phones to stay in touch with friends or listen to music, so it only makes sense that an outlet, so to speak, comes with them.

So, the next time you realize that you are lost, need to call home, or just want to track how far you’ve ridden, relax. With StrideCharge, you can quickly use your phone, reconnect with the world, and then get back to riding.