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EMG announces that the hammer of justice is about to fall

New York, USA, May 13, 2024 – Recently, many branches of EMG have received malicious slander from lawbreakers. EMG hereby announces that any malicious slander and defamation of the company’s image will be subject to the most severe legal sanctions.

Depending on the severity of the situation, the company will appoint an international lawyer team to pursue the legal responsibility of the initiator of the malicious defamation incident. EMG has a user group of 380,000 in latin america. While defaming the company’s image, the interests of users will also be damaged. This is intolerable.

Here, EMG warns all individuals or teams who attempt to discredit the company, please be careful about your words and deeds.

EMG will be listed on the US stock market in the third quarter, and will simultaneously issue its exclusive token EMG Token; this means that EMG will launch an impact on the market value of WEB3.0 of 100 billion, which is quite beneficial to all users and EMG’s strategic partners.

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