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Emberify: A Smart Guide to Using Instagram Landing Pages for Business

Social media and landing pages go hand in hand! Can anyone deny this fact? No, right? Though brands and businesses own a dedicated website, they need a captivating landing page to attain an intended goal. 

Until now, most Instagram users make use of third-party tools to craft a landing page. If you are one of them, here is some good news for you. Hereafter, you can leverage the Instagram Landing Page created through a paid advertising campaign. 

Whether your objective is to generate leads or drive sales, this particular landing page will meet your demands. In addition, you can get free instagram likes trial and skyrocket your Instagram profile growth in a while. All right! Are you ready to go in-depth about using an Instagram landing page for business? Keep reading!

Instagram Landing Page – What It Actually Means? 

An Instagram landing page is a standalone one-page website crafted to convert audiences into customers in a hassle-free way. Usually, social media marketing is used to promote a product or service among target audiences and drive sales to maximize ROI. 

Like conventional landing pages, the Instagram landing page includes precise information about a product or service, videos, testimonials, and a powerful CTA. In addition, the Call-to-Action is embedded with a link to make visitors take actions that reflect in your sales growth. Apart from this, you can also try out Emberify to garner more viewers in an instant and generate qualified leads. 

Instagram Landing Page – What Makes It Differ from Regular Ones?

You might have a question about why I should prefer Instagram landing pages instead of regular ones. That’s right! Continue reading to know the major differences between a landing page and an Instagram landing page. 

Landing Page: A link to the landing page is included in a search or display ad on a search engine. When a visitor clicks on the link, he/she will be redirected to a spot where they can do further steps for making a purchase. 

Instagram Landing Page: This kind of landing page is attached to Instagram through paid advertising. Also, it can be included in the bio space of Instagram. 

How Does Instagram Landing Page Help Businesses / Brands? 

Instagram landing pages can be beneficial for brands and businesses in different ways. Some of the prominent perks are given below. 

  • An advanced marketing campaign on Instagram
  • More room space to show off your creativity 
  • Can include more than one link for your audience
  • No need to replace the bio link often
  • No limitations to choosing a particular template
  • Can add content, text, visuals, and anything that you need.
  • Can tailor the landing page as per your business objectives. 

Apart from these, there are still a plethora of benefits that you can reap from an Instagram Landing Page. Few marketers shared that it takes a little more effort and time to curate the best ones than the regular ones. Keep all these aspects in mind and decide what kind of landing page you want for your business. 

7 Factors to Consider While Creating an Instagram Landing Page 

Hope you are ready to create a highly-converting Instagram Landing Page as a part of your marketing strategy. Good choice! It’s time to discuss the significant factors that impact the value of a landing page. 

#1 Should Be Mobile-Responsive

According to social media statistics, the Instagram application is widely used by people on mobile when compared to other devices. So, it is necessary to create a mobile-friendly landing page to drive more traffic to your business. 

#2 Must Have a Consistent & Cohesive Look

Since Instagram Landing Page is an ad type, users will be taken to the browser view to get more information. So it is advisable to look at an ad for your Instagram Landing Page. This way, you can neglect the chance of missing your leads. 

#3 Do Focus More on Visuals 

It is a well-known fact that Instagram is a visual platform. Therefore, to keep your audiences engaged and interactive until the end, it is essential to blend your content with visual elements such as images, short videos, GIFs, etc. This is because online audiences would like to consume visual content more than plain text. 

#4 Don’t Dump More Information

Remember that you are creating a landing page and not a website. Therefore, give only the essential information in an understandable way. It is better to avoid large chunks of text and lengthy information to make it suitable for your audience.

#5 Personalize It for Your Audiences 

And here comes the most crucial factor that you should consider while creating your Instagram Landing Page. Your Instagram audiences are completely different from your usual customers. So first, do market research and analyze the interest of your audience. Then, customize your page for the targeted group before launching it on the platform. 

#6 Highlight the USPs 

A website is more than enough if you just want to share information related to your product or service. But a landing page is required only when you want to convince your audiences to become your customers.

Do you think general information is enough to attain this goal? No, never! So, define the pain points of audiences in your niche and explain how your brand could solve them. It is recommended to highlight the USP (Unique Selling Point) and give a valid reason to prefer your business. Besides, take advantage of Emberify to maximize your followers and strengthen your Instagram profile. 

The Bottom Line 

Instagram is an ideal platform to market a business and accomplish its goals efficiently. Though there are organic ads and paid ads, combining a landing page will increase the chance of conversions. 

And here you go! These are the details you need to know about using Instagram Landing Page for your business. Spend time gaining knowledge and creating the right page for your business. Also, take a look at its performance at regular intervals. And never forget to update the landing page whenever your launch or remove a product/service from your business. Gear up! 

Good luck:)