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Elit-Web Unveils Creative Digital Marketing Ideas for Small & Local Businesses

Illinois, United States, December 19, 2023 – Marketing does not have to be expensive. You do not have to spend thousands of bucks on marketing campaigns if only you approach creatively advertising your business like a professional digital agency.

Just think about how you were introduced to your favorite caf, restaurant, or any other shop. Was it your friend who told you about it or you might have seen an advertisement or banner?

There are many ways you may advertise your small or local business. Check out the following list of 9 creative ideas to pick up and implement:

  • Partner with a local influencer.

You do not have to purchase a promotional post from a 1 million followers blogger on Instagram. Collaborating with a micro-influencer will be equally effective and all that you need. To find such a blogger you need social listening software tools. With them, you will be able to select someone who lives in your town and the one with the followers who talk about your specific topics.

  • Generate engaging & search-friendly content about your location.

You might get more customers if you use local SEO. If you optimize your website, you might bring more traffic to it. The main target of such content is to inform your potential clients about your city and your services or products, not just entertain. To do that, you can create social media posts, videos, or articles, mentioning your location. It would be perfect to create lists to promote your business.

  • Enjoy & join on local Facebook groups.

The best place that your target audience may choose to hang out is Facebook groups. Once you join to a Facebook group in your local city, you will get to know lots of info about your potential customers and promote your services or products to them. However, you should sound not sales-y. Instead, you can initiate conversations that would lead your prospective clients to your website. The best way to do it is through giving value to these people.

  • Create a story around your business.

People love interesting stories! To engage more customers in your business, you may create a narrative about a certain character who, for instance, tried your services or products in the past. Possibly, this character should be a famous person in the neighborhood. Ask historians or people who work in the local museums about those celebrities and create an interesting story about them that will inspire people to come or make purchases online.

  • Care about the reviews.

If you find a positive opinion about your product or service on social media, you would better repost it and utilize it in your marketing materials later on. However, if it´s negative feedback, you would better not ignore it but give a reply to it to save your reputation. To monitor the hashtags or each time consumers mention your brand, you can use social media monitoring tools like Google Alerts or Tweetdeck.

  • Contact with the local media.

Do not underestimate the power of local media. For instance, you might comment on the news events or take part in the topical materials in the local city as a business owner. You might utilize the links on their website to improve your SEO. As a result, your perspective will draw attention to your local business and establish you as an active community member.

  • Launch a social media contest.

People do love presents! You may start by handing out small gifts to promote your services or products. One of the ways to boost traffic to your website is to run a social media contest. For instance, you may claim that the first 30 visitors who will come to your shop on a specific date will get a free product. Such a tactic works greatly for the newly opened business.

  • Organize an event for locals.

It might be also an online event, for instance, if you own an online business. Organize an event where everyone will feel connected. For instance, at this event, you might be providing a solution for a specific issue that is vital in your local community. Promote this event on social media. Try to establish connections and communicate with new people during the event, making sure they feel welcome to come again.

  • Establish relationships with other business owners.

Forming a local partnership will help you get a support network in case you need a consultation or exchange with your experience. Also, if you communicate with other businesses regularly, you will get more promotional opportunities. For instance, you may discover local businesses and brands that ideally support and supplement your brand because they have similar audiences to yours.

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