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Electric Scooters for Adults in Melbourne – Embrace the Future

Melbourne- the capital city of Victoria and the second-largest city in Australia. And what’s better than the largest city in the country embracing the two-wheeler green culture? Yes, we are talking about electric scooters. 

Electric scooters for adults might have started as a ‘let’s try something new’ thing, but they have now become the go-to way to commute. electric scooters have gained popularity, that’s for sure, but the fun fact is, this time it’s not only among eco-conscious individuals. Electric scooters are here to stay, as we can see them becoming the preferred mode of transportation for many, particularly among youngsters. 

In recent years, not only Melbourne but the whole world has witnessed a significant rise in the popularity of electric scooters for adults. 

Why E-scooters? 

Electric scooters have become more than just a trend to show off and be the cool guy! And Here’s why:

Best Alternate Mode of Transportation

Tbh! Electric scooters are hard to beat. They are incredibly cost-effective, even the high-end models are still more affordable than a refurbished car. Moreover, the low-end models start at a price point where one can easily purchase a quality e-scooter for adults by saving their pocket money alone. 


While not all models are made for easy carrying, most electric scooters are lightweight and compact. Some top notch brands even come with carrying cases or straps for added convenience. Whether you need to take them upstairs or store them in your car, adult electric scooters offer unmatched portability. 

Easy to Maintain

Unlike owning a car, maintaining an electric scooter is hassle-free. While you still need to take care of regular upkeep such as maintaining the handlebars, decks, and brakes, it’s a cakewalk compared to the extensive maintenance required for cars. Some companies even offer warranty plans, further simplifying the maintenance process. 

Fun and Enjoyment

Electric scooters are all about fun and enjoyment. The sensation of the wind rushing through your helmet or hair as you effortlessly glide along is simply exhilarating. Electric scooters for adults offer an unmatched level of excitement that is hard to replicate with other forms of transportation.

Time Saver

Traffic congestion is a common problem in busy cities, and electric scooters provide a solution. Riding an electric scooter allows you to bypass Melbourne’s traffic by shortcuts through streets, parking lots, and even parks. The most exciting part about an adult electric scooter, you can eliminate the time wasted at gas stations too. Just charge it up when the battery runs out and you’re good to go! 

Commuting via Electric Scooter

Electric scooter commuting beats walking or biking to work, because you don’t want to arrive at your work all sweaty. While cycling is a great exercise, the convenience and time-saving benefits of an electric scooter are unmatched.

Greener Means of Transport

Electric scooters run on batteries, producing no harmful emissions and contributing to a cleaner environment. Additionally, electric scooters operate quietly, reducing noise pollution in built-up areas.

Electric Scooter Laws in Melbourne

To ensure safe and responsible usage of electric scooters, the Victorian Government has implemented specific regulations and laws. Riders need to familiarise themselves with these laws to avoid fines or penalties. 

Speed Limits and Power Restrictions:

Electric scooters must not exceed a speed of 25 kilometres per hour when ridden on roads, paths, or shared areas. Additionally, they should not have a power output greater than 200 watts if ridden on footpaths or pedestrian areas.

Age Requirement: As part of the extended e-scooter trial, the age requirement for riding privately-owned electric scooters in Melbourne has been lowered. Anyone aged 16 or older will be allowed to ride.

Speed Limit: The maximum speed for e-scooters is 20 km/h.

Occupancy: Only one person is allowed on an electric scooter.

E-scooter Specifications: E-scooters capable of travelling more than 25 km/h remain banned.

Alcohol and Drug Rules: All riders must follow the same blood alcohol content and drug rules as drivers.

Helmet Requirement: Wearing a helmet is mandatory when riding an electric scooter in Melbourne. Prioritise your safety always.

Riding on Footpaths and Bike Lanes: Electric scooters are allowed on footpaths, shared paths, and separated bike lanes. However, riders must give way to pedestrians and exercise caution when sharing these spaces.

Finding Electric Scooters for Sale in Melbourne:

Finding the best electric scooter for adults that fit all your needs and preferences is a daunting task. Fret not, we’re here to help. You can find the adult electric scooter on: 

Specialty Electric Scooter Retailers:

Numerous specialty retailers in Melbourne focus on electric scooters for adults. These stores offer a wide range of models, accessories, and expert advice to help you find the perfect electric scooter to suit your needs.

Online Marketplaces:

Online marketplaces such as eBay and Gumtree provide a convenient platform for purchasing electric scooters. You can even find both new and used electric scooters for sale.

Local Classifieds:

Checking local classifieds, both online and in newspapers, can be a great way to find electric scooters for sale in your area. You might come across individuals selling their scooters, which can sometimes offer better deals than retail stores.

Find The Best Electric Scooter For Adults At E-Ozzie

Being the premium supplier of electric scooters in Melbourne, E-Ozzie strives to provide high quality, reliable and yet stylish e-scooters. E-Ozzie has a wide range; in terms of budget, style, and options to personalise your ride. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are electric scooters legal in Melbourne?

Yes, electric scooters are legal in Melbourne, as long as you follow specific regulations and laws.

Is it legal to ride an electric scooter on the footpath?

Yes, electric scooters are permitted on footpaths, shared paths, and separated bike lanes. 

Should I ride an e-scooter on footpaths?

E-scooters can be dangerous for the elderly, children, and pedestrians with disabilities. So it’s important to prioritise pedestrian safety.

Does it cost more to power up the e-scooter?

Charging an electric scooter is relatively inexpensive compared to fueling a traditional vehicle. 


Melburnians have proved their forward-thinking approach with the high rise in popularity of e-scooters. The main benefits are; time-saving, cost-saving, and environmental preservation. Staying informed about laws and regulations is crucial. So, stay tuned, find the best scooter, and upgrade your way of commuting.