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El Patronn – Creating Car Buying Experience

Buying a car can prove to be a frustrating experience for most people. Selecting a car is an important decision that requires profound consideration of what make or model would be the right choice for the buyer. Other important factors to ponder in the decision-making would be the vehicle’s features, whether the person buys a used or brand-new vehicle, or the dealership the person buys from. All these considerations in the car buying process make it a complex endeavor. And suppose the buyer has to deal with a salesperson who is inept, or only considers his percentage, with no regard for the customer and their concerns. In that case, the entire experience can turn sour for the customer.

Many dealerships hire such salespersons due to a short-sighted vision of earning commissions or driving up numbers. Some dealerships, which lack the vision, even encourage such bad practices in salespersons. This shortsightedness is never a great strategy and can adversely affect the reputation of the dealership in the long run. The negative effects of such a short-term strategy can build up quickly and eventually drive the dealership into the ground. The crash affects not only the dealership but all those who work for it, including the salesperson. To avoid such a failure, dealerships must rethink their strategies and develop a better, long-term plan that ensures success.

A dealership that cares about the customers that come to them, and wants to drive their sales and numbers up, need to create a strategy that enables the customer to have an easier experience, as they already have a lot on their plate in terms of making a decision. They must encourage the salespersons to think independently and create a balance between making a deal and providing the customer a much smoother experience. The salesperson who wants to succeed in the business must learn from their experiences and build better personal strategies to make the car buying experience hassle-free for the customer.

If a salesperson is smart enough, they can build a successful career out of being better at serving their customers. If they have ambitions to reach the top, they can create strategies with positive long-term consequences. They can reach heights of success through their hard work and positive attitude. Although they may face situations where they have to face challenges, and they may even face failures. But these individuals can reach their goals with the right mix of business savvy and make those failures into learning experiences. One such individual who has proven that smart thinking and a positive attitude can move mountains is Rudy Treminio.

Born on December 28, 1980, in El Salvador, Rudy Treminio, also known as El Patronn, is a successful American entrepreneur who has carved out a place for himself in the automotive sales business. Rudy is also known for being a successful social media marketer and author. His early days in his native country of El Salvador were marked by abject poverty. Eventually, his family relocated to the United States, with Rudy in tow, who was against this move. He was a rebellious teenager who didn’t know about building a future and didn’t give the idea a second thought for a time. He didn’t have any skills to talk about and no motivation at that time. Despite humble beginnings that did not indicate such a bright future, Rudy has proven his mettle, not just once but twice. 

Education eventually broadened his horizons, and Rudy could perceive the possibilities waiting for him. From 1997 to 1999, Rudy received his high school education. Subsequently, he began his professional career in 1998 when he joined City World as a General Sales Manager. In 2007 Rudy left the company and, in September 2008, joined Jersey City Ford Lincoln Mercury as General Manager. In 2013, Rudy started his own business, Kingz of Cars. He is also the CEO of a business app, Geras Associates, LLC.

Despite having a promising start and a modest success in automotive sales, his first stumbling block was his struggle with alcoholism. This experience hurt him personally and negatively impacted his public reputation. But through sheer force of will, Rudy eventually defeated his demons and got back into the game. 

Rudy is currently the Managing Partner/General Manager of Brooklyn Mitsubishi. His sales skills and an uncanny ability to engender a positive customer experience have enabled him to sell more than 36000 vehicles. Plus, he aims to provide customers with the best car buying experience, making him a true leader in the industry. Rudy has also successfully breathed new life into numerous failing dealerships. Rudy’s success is due to his principle of studying the industry and implementing new strategies. While maintaining his position at the heights of success in the automotive industry, Rudy also trains people and provides mentorship to help individuals become equipped with skills that enable them to beat the odds and succeed in their fields. Rudy’s book, Game Changer, was published in 2020 and shares Rudy’s successful rise to the top with the readers and teaches them how a smart individual can win through their experiences.