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Effective Fabric Sofa Cleaning: Tips and Tricks

Fabric sofas are the most common types seen in houses and offices. It is cosy and soft on the touch and adds an unrivalled charm to the room. But this charm can decrease as soon as itshows stains or scratches. Then, it becomes a nightmare – not only for you to see but also to clean. Sofa Cleaning Hobart services are the most reliable way to treat and clean your sofa.

Most people clean their fabric sofas at home instead of calling professionals. Why? Because they think it’s an easy task and cheaper than hiring experts. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The cleaning services in Hobart are affordable and more beneficial than DIY methods.

If you are not convinced, employ the tips the experts use whenever they clean fabric couches.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Cleaning

Your fabric sofa is the centre spot of your living room. It is, therefore, imperative that you keep it clean at all times. You will come across several cleaning methods during your research. Out of all the cleaning methods, how will you choose the right one for your fabric sofa? Here are some practical pointers:

  • Check for the Instructions:

When it comes to cleaning fabric sofas, there are a few codes you need to remember. Fabric Sofa Cleaning Hobart experts recommend cleaning after checking these tags. The cleaning codes are:

  • W – Water only
  • S/W – Solved-based products/Water
  • S – Solvent-based products only
  • X – Vacuum only

The tags act like your fabric sofa’s instruction manual. You have to read it before performing any cleaning method on it. For instance, if your sofa comes with the S/W tag, you can use the usual fabric cleaners for the couch. But if the tag reads X, you can neither use water nor cleaners; it requires treatment only through vacuuming.

  • Never Ignore Any Spills:

You can never ignore the spills on your fabric sofa, thinking you can clean it later. That is a big no; it only takes a few moments for these spillstobecome pesky stains. Only Sofa Stain Removal Hobart experts can treat stains effectively. If you see food, drinks or even vomit spilling on your fabric couch, leave everything and clean it first. Commercial cleaners go a step further by using stain protectors on the surfaceof the sofa. This solution helps to maintain the quality of the fabric and repel stain formation.

  • Regular Vacuuming and Dusting:

Dirt and dust particles can land anywhere, including your fabric sofa. Not cleaning regularly may decrease the sofa’s quality and increase health problems. A good way to avoid that is to give brush down whenever you can. Brushing the entire sofa will make the loose particles disappear. Fabric Sofa Cleaning Hobart services suggest using a specific type of brush. It should be sturdy with natural bristles and completely dry when you use it.

A handheld vacuum can also help in removing dust particles. Remember to be gentle and thorough while moving the vacuum around the couch.

  • Deodorize Your Fabric Couch:

If your fabric sofa smells even after cleaning, you should get rid of the odour as soon as possible.You can use many ways to treat your smelly couch.If your sofa has removable covers with a W or S/W tag on it, you can machine wash it. Sofa Cleaning Hobart services use quality deodorizing products when your sofa hasneither option.Keep such products if you choose to clean your fabric sofa by yourself.

A great fix for the odour is baking soda. Dust a little baking soda over the sofa evenly and let it sit overnight. Do not forget to clean the residue the next day. Baking soda is a quick, cheap and non-toxic way to remove any smell from your couch.

How Often Should You Clean Your Fabric Sofa?

Thesofa’s fabric is breathable, so you can feel comfortable and fresh after sitting on it. However, it is also because of this feature that we see dust, dust mites, dirt and pet hair on the couch. Professionals suggest you vacuum your sofa once a week to ensure it is safe to use and doesn’t smell. If possible, you should treat spills before they become stains. But as stains are difficult to remove, you should get help from Sofa Stain Removal Hobart experts.

A deep professional cleaningtwice a year is enough to keep your fabric sofa healthy. But if you have pets and kids at home, your couch will likely collect dirt and stain quicker. Thus, it should receive efficient treatment three to four times a year.

Cleaning tips and tricks will definitely help you clean your fabric sofa at home. But the experts can do a better job as they have the best tools, knowledge and experience –and are affordable.TThus, do not hesitate to call Sofa Cleaning Hobart services for a more efficient service.