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Edinburgh Cashmere, a Luxury Fashion Brand Unveils its Divine Cashmere and Lambswool Collection

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, June 8, 2023 – Cashmere and lambs wool is more than a material. It is the embodiment of luxury, delicate and supple, gliding on the skin like silk while keeping the wearer comfortably warm. It is no wonder that cashmere and lambs wool is coveted the world over, and no one does it better than Edinburgh Cashmere.

A designer brand and one of the biggest manufacturers of 100% pure cashmere and 100% pure lambs wool garments and accessories, this company has taken its luxurious designs worldwide to become synonymous with high-quality designs.

Let’s take a closer look into Edinburgh Cashmere and why it should be your number-one choice for premium cashmere and lambs wool apparel.

The Edinburgh Cashmere Fashion Brand Story

Edinburgh Cashmere’s story starts over a decade ago, in 2008, when they recognised the potential of Scotland’s wool and cashmere production and how Edinburgh was home to more cashmere and lambs wool shops than anywhere in the world.

This discovery proved a viable business opportunity and led to the establishment of Edinburgh Cashmere. This cashmere and lambs wool fashion brand sells premium cashmere and lambs wool apparel with distinctive designs and patterns unlike anyone else.

Edinburgh Cashmere has grown exponentially in the last twelve years to expand worldwide. Furthermore, Edinburgh Cashmere currently manufactures for luxury brands around the globe, crafting exclusive cashmere and lambs wool garments and accessories.

Edinburgh Cashmere Design

Famous worldwide (UK, USA, Europe, Japan), Edinburgh Cashmere offers an incredible variety of uniquely designed pieces that look and feel divine, such as scarves, stoles, capes and blankets. So it should come as no surprise that many Edinburgh Cashmere pieces are regularly featured in some of the most relevant fashion publications of our time, such as Vogue™, GQ™, Tattler™ and Grazia™.

With bold, vibrant designs that stand out and last for years, Edinburgh Cashmere’s innovative patterns are a work of art. From the iconic Scottish tartans that pay homage to 110 Highland clans to stylized prints and solids, there is a design for every taste at Edinburgh Cashmere.

The DC Classic world-famous design is an eye-catching colour combination that makes their products instantly recognizable. When you see a beautifully designed cashmere or lambs wool product, you know it is Edinburgh Cashmere.

Edinburgh Cashmere Only Sell 100% Pure Cashmere And 100% Pure Lambs wool

Top Scottish cashmere and lambs wool brand is not a title this company takes lightly, which is why they take every step to ensure the excellence and standard of all its offerings. Starting by sourcing raw materials sustainably and ethically, Edinburgh Cashmere follows a 35-step manufacturing process that integrates the latest technology and eco-friendly practices.

Every aspect of material manufacturing is quality controlled, including shearing, sorting, cleaning, drying, dyeing, and spinning. But that is just half of it!

Each Edinburgh Cashmere piece is fabricated by expert artisans on state-of-the-art looms in various thicknesses and densities to create luxury cashmere and lambs wool goods for every season. With over one million cashmere and lambs wool pieces produced to date, quality has never wavered. Everything is 100% pure, 100% perfect.

Edinburgh Cashmere Offers Top Scottish Cashmere and Lambs wool Brand

Edinburgh Cashmere sells more than cashmere and lambs wool apparel. They sell a cashmere and lambs wool lifestyle, and there is no question why it is considered one of Scotland’s top brands. For over a decade, this company has consistently manufactured premium cashmere and lambs wool while keeping sustainability at its forefront.

To learn more about the company and browse its luxurious selection of exclusive cashmere and lambs wool products visit its www.edinburghcashmere.co.uk today!

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