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eBooks Are Bad for You: Why Quit Using Digital Textbooks to Write My Essay

Young, tech-savvy students choose digital textbooks more and more often. eBooks have some undeniable advantages. They are interactive, customizable, and easy to carry around and do my essay online. However, when you take a closer look at their impact on your health and performance, their benefits become less impressive. Here are five reasons why eBooks are damaging to your health and progress in school.

1.  Decreased Retention

Every student wants to maximize their productivity—write my essay fast, retain as much information as possible, and improve reading speed. eBooks seem like a reasonable choice because of their portability, storage capacity, and features like search. However, in reality, they have the opposite effect.

Compared to traditional paper copies, eBooks worsen your comprehension and knowledge retention. Research findings delivered by the best write my essay for me service showed that people who read digital copies found it more difficult to recall narrative details compared to those who read paper alternatives. Moreover, eBooks lack the sensory experience that hard copies offer to readers. You can’t track your reading progress visually and get tactile experience that stimulates your memory and facilitates recall in the future.

eBooks are also associated with lower reading speed. According to a study, it will take you about 20-30% more time to finish a chapter if you read a digital textbook instead of its hard copy alternative. It means that you’ll end up having much longer study sessions if you choose digital over traditional books.

2.  More Intrusive Distractions

Your reading experience becomes more fragmented with eBooks. Instead of immersing yourself in text, you become more likely to get distracted by one of the numerous notifications. It’s often a real challenge to have an undisturbed experience.

This is often the reason why students struggle to do their reading assignments and research papers. They get too overwhelmed by the constant flow of information. You can deal with cognitive overload by delegating such daunting and complex tasks to the best write my essay for me service. Otherwise, it might disrupt your academic progress.

3.  Disruptions to the Body Clock and Sleep

Disruptions to your circadian rhythm make it hard to fall asleep. The reason for it is the blue light emitted from our phones, computer monitors, and most eBooks as well, except for the original Kindle.

Many students face this problem. We often hear them saying, “I had to stay up late to write my essay and didn’t have a wink of sleep.” Researchers, however, warn people of the negative impact of light exposure.

Your body is supposed to “tell the time” and stay in sync with the day-night cycle. However, artificial light hinders your body clock. An experiment studying the impact of reading a paperback compared to an iPad on one’s sleep found that blue light prevented your body from producing enough of the sleep hormone melatonin. It resulted in difficulty falling asleep and feeling tired in the morning. This is because paper only reflects light while screens shine directly into your eyes, affecting your sleep quality.

Try to limit your use of eBooks in the evening and choose paper books instead. You can also assign your “write my essay” request to professional writers if you know you have to wake up early the next morning.

4.  Increased Risk of Eye Strain

The same eBook screen luminance is also bad for your eyes. When you read or write my essay online, you pull the e-reader too close to your eyes. To make matters worse, some people read late at night while sitting in the dark. Bad habits combined with the damaging effects of eBook light cause eye strain.

Your eyes have to work much harder to read digital textbooks because of focusing on pixels instead of real objects. Besides, people blink less frequently while reading on screen. This results in dryness and soreness that tire your eyes. Other common symptoms that might be caused by excessive use of digital books are visual fatigue, headaches, and pain around the eyes.

5.  Legal Restrictions

While eBooks seem to enable wider access to literature, they are more limiting than print books. You can freely lend, borrow, or resell your paperbacks without restrictions. For example, when you live on a budget, as most students do, you can get cheap second-hand textbooks and save some money. In contrast, eBooks have more restrictive licenses that limit their use. You can’t sell your digital textbook once the semester is over and you no longer need it.

Another issue is that sometimes digital books are available for a limited time only. For example, you could have access to textbooks only for the duration of your course. You can’t review them later even if you once purchased them, which is not an issue with traditional books.

The Bottom Line

While eBooks continue to be a convenient alternative to traditional copies and still have a place, their disadvantages do not remain unnoticed. Reading from a screen hinders your focus, sleep, and ability to recall information, among other inconveniences. So if you’re looking for ways to improve your productivity and build a healthy reading routine, consider switching back to print books.