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Earnviews : 10 Instagram Business Features that Marketers Need to Know

Instagram is a platform that is well-known for marketers. Instagram is rolling out new features frequently. All these features have the main motive to make the app user-friendly and improve business activities. If marketers want to strengthen the business community or build a brand, they should buy instagram impressions and hit a great reach. Every business can make the most of the features and shine on the platform. 

Why Is Instagram a Way Good Platform for Businesses?

Since its inception, Instagram has been a powerful tool for e-commerce businesses. It has been more supportive for companies to uplift their growth. Not only top brands but even small businesses are utilizing it and are achieving their goals. Nowadays, a way far better, businesses shall showcase their inventories in Instagram shops. The app has now become a shoppable place. Companies can rely on more than direct sales and marketing per the current scenario. So it’s high time businesses jump on Instagram if they are not already. 

10 Instagram Business Features to Grow Online

1. Professional Dashboard

When you have a professional account on Instagram, then sure, you will have access to Instagram’s professional dashboard. With this, you can get insights into how your business works among the followers. As well as it helps you analyze the prime time your audience is active. Moreover, there are branded content tools that you can take advantage of it. The additional advantage is that you will find other content creators’ tips so that you can create the best engaging content for your online brand marketing.

2. Instagram Shopping

If you want to promote your sales on Instagram, then Instagram shopping is the best option. As per the recent update, brands can tag shoppable products in feed posts and Instagram stories. Brands can even set up their own shop on Instagram account. The audience can now click the option’ view shop’ option and explore the brand products. Now Instagram

3. Live Rooms

It is an option where it allows more than one account to participate in the same Instagram Live sessions. So it is easy to connect with colleagues and teammates in your organization and shall discuss the work progress. Some of the helpful advantages of Live rooms are that, 

  • You can add three or more users to a Live session simultaneously. You can even cycle through your participants for various sessions. 
  • With Live rooms, you can provide tutorials and podcasts to your employees. 

4. Pinned Comments

Comments are one where businesses find their position in the online market. With pinned comments, brands can post user-generated content. The app allows you to pin three comments on each post. The pinned comments will stay on top of the comment section. So, for example, if you pin an excellent comment for each post, the audience will have a good impression of your brand.

5. Instagram Insights

As per recent updates, Instagram has launched reels and Live insights. It will show the audience what they like and what they won’t. By seeing this, you can analyze what to do next. Moreover, till now, it is possible to analyze the data for only about 30 days, whereas with updates, you can extend it up to 60 days. So marketers will have a better vision of their progress in the business. 

Insights overview will give you all the information regarding the Instagram post. You have to stay focused on the accounts reach section. This insight will help you create content that draws more attention toward the customers. Marketers and brands must get out of their comfort zone and improve their content.

6. Brand Collabs

The app has introduced several branded features to enhance brand-influencer collaborations. For example, it has a brand collab manager, which enables brands and influencers to connect and build relationships. Brands can also have paid partnerships in Reels so that their reels will be more authentic and original. In addition, to maintain the credibility of your brand, you can try using Earnviews, which shall reach your profile globally.

7. Interactive Bio

The Instagram bio should be interactive. Embedding the link on the bio is a fantastic feature to promote your business. It drives the most valuable traffic to your site. As for the Instagram profile, viewers will check out the profile first; the links will make them visit your site. The app allows only one link to embed on the profile. So choose the links carefully. The link you embed should be worthy and should direct correctly to the landing page of your shops or websites.

8. Gift Cards and Food Orders

These features are much helpful for small businesses. Through gift cards, you can sell redeemable vouchers on the app. At the same time, the food orders option will help you to order food from Instagram accounts. It will be much helpful for new food business brands to promote their services. Apart from food orders, people shall even reserve or book an appointment for particular services through Instagram. Isn’t it relatively easy? Although these options are available for specific users.

9. Instagram Stickers

These stickers are the ones where it boosts the audience to view your posts. More features help to gather information on audience interests. For example, you can use the poll feature to understand the audience’s interests, and you shall change your marketing strategies as per the requirements.

10. On-Action Comments

It is a new feature that business people can opt for in their posts. For instance, when brands want to ask opinions on new products through Instagram, they can ask a question with a pinned comment so that the customers can reply to the same comment. It will reduce the mess, and the brands will also have the required answers from potential customers. 

Bottom Line 

On the whole, Instagram is a platform full of features and tools that helps to skyrocket any business. If you jump on Instagram business without knowing anything is also acceptable. The app will support you in incredible ways. In addition, you can try using Earnviews and shall acquire higher conversation rates. You can hit on the platform by trying out the business features. Thanks for reading!