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Dukascopy Releases Comprehensive Trader’s Guide to Inform Risk Management in Forex Trading

Geneva, Switzerland, September 8, 2023 – Trading in the Forex market is not only the analysis of charts and forecasting the movements of currency pairs. It is also the ability to properly manage your capital and minimize risks. A specialized tool, the forex risk calculator, can help with this. But what is it and how to use it?

1. What is a Forex Risk Calculator?

The Forex Risk Calculator is a software tool that helps traders determine the optimal position size based on a given level of risk. This tool takes into account the total size of your deposit, the percentage of risk you are willing to accept, as well as the stop loss for a particular trade.

2. Why do we need a risk calculator?

  • Loss minimization. Position sizing based on a fixed percentage of risk helps limit potential losses.
  • Long-term capital preservation. Even a series of losing trades will not lead to a critical decrease in your deposit.
  • Rational deposit management. You will always know what part of the deposit you risk in each transaction.

3. How does the risk calculator work?

The main parameters that are taken into account:

  • Deposit amount. How much do you have in your account.
  • Risk percentage. What percentage of the deposit are you willing to risk in one transaction (usually 1-3%).
  • Stop loss size. At what distance from the opening of a position will you place an order to close at a loss.

Based on this data, the calculator provides a recommended position size.

4. How to use the risk calculator?

  • Enter the amount of your deposit.
  • Set the desired risk percentage. For example, 2%.
  • Enter the size of the stop loss for your potential trade (in points or in the deposit currency).
  • Get the result. The calculator will calculate and show you the optimal position size for this trade.

5. Usage example

Let’s say your deposit is $10,000, you’re willing to risk 2% per trade, and your next trade has a stop loss of 50 pips. Enter this data into the calculator, and it will show that your position size should not exceed, for example, 0.4 lots (depending on the specific instrument).

6. Where can I find the risk calculator?

Many brokers provide such calculators on their platforms or websites. There are also many independent resources on the Internet that offer free or paid risk calculators.


Risk management is a key aspect of successful Forex trading. The risk calculator is an indispensable tool for a trader seeking long-term profitability and the safety of his capital. Do not ignore this tool, and it will become your reliable assistant in the world of financial markets.


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