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Drew Barrymore vs. Michelle Obama: How They Survive Menopause

Michelle Obama and Drew Barrymore are among the celebrities who opened up about their menopause symptoms in an effort to make the topic less of a taboo, change stereotypes, and support more women in their transition.

Back in 2014, Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall was among the first celebrities to start the conversation about menopause, saying that it can be “very confusing and isolating.”

A decade later, menopause is still a taboo topic, leaving women unsure of how to deal with the various symptoms, which for some may begin as early as in their late thirties. But many celebrities are changing that – and now women all over the world can benefit from Drew Barrymore’s candid advice on the importance of mental health during menopause, or discover Michelle Obama’s vigorous exercise regimen.

With the goal of supporting women worldwide, many celebrities, including actress Drew Barrymore and former First Lady Michelle Obama, are now opening up to talk about the symptoms and experiences that have previously been deemed too personal for public discussion.

Drew Barrymore: mental health support & balanced nutrition

Oprah Winfrey has recently hosted “The Menopause Talk,” a panel discussion with Drew Barrymore and journalist Maria Shriver, along with physicians specializing in women’s health, to bring awareness to menopause concerns and inform more women of the available treatments.

Drew Barrymore, who had her first hot flash during her TV show, says that women need to share their experiences and support each other. They also need to be proactive and seek information about the intricacies of this period of their life.

Wellness website SlimmingSprinkles.com revealed Drew Barrymore’s tips for managing common menopause symptoms. By maintaining a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and ensuring they have the right support for their mental health, the actress is confident women can make the transition smoother.

In an article on Us Weekly, she recommended a Vitamin E oil for anti-aging skincare. SlimmingSprinkles.com adds that women going through menopause can benefit from Omega-3 Fatty Acids for heart health support and mentions the antioxidant properties of Resveratrol.

Michelle Obama: HRT & workouts for maintaining a healthy weight

The former First Lady recalls having a hot flash while getting out of a Marine One together with her husband, then-president Barack Obama. Recognizing that many women are reluctant to talk about this phase of their life and that information is sparse, she shared her menopause journey in an interview with People, hoping to break the silence surrounding this topic.

Another symptom she dealt with was weight gain. Michelle says she still exercises regularly, but changed her workout routine, shifting from more intensive cardio workouts to stretching and flexibility exercises, as she noticed that recovery now takes longer.

In her podcast, she also shared that she used hormone replacement therapy to manage hot flashes and the other symptoms she experienced.

While their experiences with menopause were different (no two are alike!) Michelle Obama and Drew Barrymore agree on one thing: the transition can be made easier by prioritizing mental health and self-care.

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