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Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s Podcast Offers Expert Insights Into the Truth Behind Plastic Surgery

Podcasting, which has been around since the 1980s, continues to grow exponentially. As of 2024, there are an estimated 4.2 million to 5 million podcasts worldwide, encompassing pretty much every imaginable niche from comedy to commentary, true crime to medicine. Some statistics worthy of note: Podcast listeners consider podcast hosts to be 64% more trustworthy than other influencers, and deem them “86% more trustworthy and 89% more authentic” than the average subject matter expert. When it comes to imparting accurate, experience-based information about plastic surgery, Dallas-based Dr. Sam Jejurikar and his “Three Plastic Surgeons and a Microphone” podcast co-hosts Dr. Salvatore Pacella and Dr. Sam Rhee, that audience trust is well earned.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar admits that one of the most frustrating aspects he encounters in the practice of cosmetic surgery is dealing with unrealistic patient expectations fueled by false claims of overnight miracles, or unfounded fears exacerbated by convoluted medical jargon and outdated science.

“Getting people to accept and love themselves for who they are sometimes can be quite difficult when they have underlying unhappiness and depression,” Jejurikar shared in an interview with Authority Magazine. “Patients sometimes misguidedly think their superficial appearance will change deep-rooted mental health issues.

“This obviously is not true. No plastic surgeon has a window into a patient’s soul, and it’s important to assess the patient’s goals for surgery and to ensure that these goals are realistic. Furthermore, it’s important to inform patients that the technology or procedure offered will only change the external appearance. The goal is to make the patient happy with the results of their procedures; it is not to cure underlying unhappiness with life in general.”

In their podcast, Dr. Jejurikar and his colleagues have made it their mission to cut through the cacophony of dangerous hype and misinformation, offering instead an insightful, engaging voice of reason as well as a relatable, reliable, and readily understandable source of fact-based data to help listeners make informed, intelligent decisions when contemplating potential cosmetic procedures.

From Practice to Podcast: Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s Unparalleled Patient Commitment

As a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with an outstanding track record of success and client satisfaction spanning nearly two decades, Dr. Jejurikar continues to rack up consistent five-star reviews as one of the Dallas area’s most talented and trustworthy plastic surgeons. Whether by means of in-office regimens such as injectables and laser skin resurfacing, or via more complex surgical multifaceted procedures like a full mommy makeover, expertly contouring his patients’ faces and bodies to enhance their appearance as well as improve their self image is all in a day’s work for the man his patients glowingly refer to as “Dr. Sam.”

The top-notch services he and his staff have come to be known for showcase Jejurikar’s exceptional ability to seamlessly blend the art of aesthetics with ultra-modern plastic and reconstructive techniques — but that’s just part of the equation. To ensure his patients’ desired results align with realistic outcomes, Dr. Sam Jejurikar has always made a conscientious effort to listen closely to their goals without passing judgment while simultaneously striving to manage their expectations.

It’s often a delicate balance. In order to maintain it, Jejurikar believes a diligent doctor must arm himself and his patients with the most salient and accurate facts available. Not surprisingly, he views the “Three Plastic Surgeons and a Microphone” podcast as an organic extension of this long-held “informed decisions are the best decisions” policy.

How Dr. Jejurikar’s Experience Desire for Excellence Inform His Podcast

The vast wealth of firsthand experience Dr. Jejurikar has acquired over the course of his career, combined with his winning personality and a heartfelt commitment to providing only the finest care, serve as cornerstones of the programming on “Three Plastic Surgeons and a Microphone”; however, Dr. Jejurikar acknowledges that as with any pursuit rooted in science and technology, plastic surgery is a constantly evolving field. He stresses that those who practice it must keep up with the latest innovations in medical science and technology, embracing the good and discarding the bad.

To do so, Dr. Jejurikar reinforces his professional lexicon with continued studies and regular peer-to-peer dialog on emerging surgical protocols. “Advances in aesthetic technology over the past few years are nothing short of remarkable,” he marveled.

This gives him a uniquely qualified perspective from which to impart the most current medical wisdom across a broad spectrum of cosmetic surgery-related topics to patients as well as the growing podcast audience that’s come to rely on his detailed yet accessible explanations of complex procedures, as well as his canny insights on the pros and cons of popular cosmetic surgery trends.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar readily acknowledges that numerous protocols that were considered state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery as recently as 10 years ago may now, in fact, be obsolete. Case in point? Breast augmentation.

In a recent podcast episode, “The Art & Science of Modern Breast Augmentation Explored,” Jejurikar and Rhee, along with guest commentator Dr. Lawrence Tong, gathered forces to help keep the “Three Plastic Surgeons and a Microphone” audience “abreast” of the latest refinements in the procedure — from rethinking ideal implant location for optimal long-term results to revised incision protocols, and the ongoing debate over implant design, materials, and size. They explained, “Navigating the considerations of breast lifts paired with implants, we discuss everything from patient suitability to the challenges faced during surgery. We share personal anecdotes from the operating room, debating the merits of various implant placements and techniques while emphasizing the crucial role of managing patient expectations.

“Join us for a look behind the surgical curtain, where informed decisions, experience, and innovation converge to sculpt the future of breast augmentation.”

“Three Plastic Surgeons and a Microphone” was tapped by FeedSpot as one of the 45 Best Plastic Surgery Podcasts. Dr. Sam Jejurikar attributes the show’s success to its lively conversational format, its valuable informational content*, and a wide-ranging scope of topics including such diverse fare as “Preparing for Plastic Surgery: Top 5 Must-Knows for Success,” “High Definition Liposuction,” “Cosmetic Surgery Tourism: Why or Why Not,” and “The Secret Lives of Dermal Fillers: How Long Do They Really Last?” For anyone interested in gaining expert insights on plastic surgery from some of the most influential doctors in the game, “Three Plastic Surgeons and a Microphone” is your ultimate podcast resource.

* This show is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This show is for informational purposes only. Treatment and results may vary based upon the circumstances, situation, and medical judgment after appropriate discussion. Always seek the advice of your qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding medical care, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking advice because of anything you hear on this show.