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Does the model of using promo codes change during sales? Promocodius experts explain

People shop every day. But have you thought about how you shop? Does your perception of shopping change during regular periods and during sales? And what role do promotional codes play in shopping? Promocodius experts give answers.

Consumer buying behavior during the regular buying season

In regular buying seasons, consumers mostly shop for essentials that they do not already have or need more of. As these essential items are very important to consumers, they have no choice but to keep buying them. Products that generally fall under this category are food, grocery supplies, and specific clothing items. As for the purchase of goods from other categories, their intensity can be assessed as medium or even low (for example, luxury goods and expensive electronics are the least in demand).

How are things going with the use of promotional codes during this period? Buyers are still interested in savings, they are looking for and using promotional codes, but the statistics of promotional codes are significantly lower than during major discount periods. This is quite expected because the intensity of purchases is also lower.

Still, not only the quantity and intensity of use of promotional codes are changing: the attitude towards promo codes is changing as well. In ordinary shopping, a coupon becomes an additional incentive to choose a particular store that offers a product: but at the same time, the presence of a discount or coupon does not affect the choice of the product itself.

What happens during sales season?

Promocodius project manager Alisa Sklyarova notes that during the major seasons of discounts and sales, a real shopping marathon begins: according to statistics, Black Friday accounts for up to 20% of all purchases made during the year, and about 15% more are made during Christmas sales. During these periods, each buyer spends about 50-60% more than in regular shopping.

When shopping during sales periods, shoppers are on the lookout for the best deals on items they have been meaning to get or know that they will eventually need. Hence, discounts and promotions available on products become an additional motivation to buy items that might not be important in that period but will come in handy eventually. That is why sellers are starting to offer the highest possible discounts of up to 90%, promotions such as 2 + 1, and other offers, attracting customers.

In an attempt to not miss out on them or have to buy them at increased rates later, shoppers tend to stock up on practically all categories of items available. At the same time, one of the main changes in the nature of purchases is the purchase of items with the highest discount, which sometimes leads to chaotic decision-making.

According to Promocodius statistics, the category of electronics is the least committed to rash because such purchases are often more expensive and are planned in advance. On average, during discount periods, the purchase of electronic items increases by 25% since even a small discount of 10-15% helps to save in case of an expensive purchase. And the most vulnerable to rash shopping is the category of clothing and shoes. To avoid rash purchases, take care of preparing a shopping list so you make the most of the sale seasons.

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