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Do Commercial Kitchens Need Waterproof Wall Covering Instead of FRP Wall Panels?


Wall covering inside the commercial kitchen is extremely important when it comes down to interior design since it determines a lot of things. Apart from keeping the kitchen environment clean and hygienic, the right type of commercial wall panels will also render the charisma of the space that you need to draw customer attention. Choosing PVC commercial kitchen wall covering is worth the investment as it can optimize safety and prevent the space from turning damp, moist, and smelly. However, commercial kitchen wall material must cater to certain regulatory standards to pass safety and health standards besides helping you to stay updated with the food regulations and safety.

Great Looking Kitchen, Better Hygiene with Water-Resistant Panels

Maintaining a squeaky clean, and visually attractive commercial kitchen is imperative for a modern-day restaurant, especially if you have built an open kitchen where customers can have a look. Having 100% waterproof wall paneling creates an impactful impression among your clients, as it helps keep the kitchen space hygienic and clean. Besides, having a moisture-free environment is imperative, too, when you have to build a pleasant and safe workspace for your kitchen staff to ensure they don’t fall sick frequently. The raw-vinyl-made panels are a perfect fit for your commercial kitchen not only because of how it creates a smooth finish but also because it ensures optimum hygiene and cleanliness standards. They have a pristine, white, seamless finish that doesn’t pick up dirt and debris, meaning you have no grime or dirt to conceal.

Ensure Smooth Operation of the Kitchen

FRP wall panels for commercial kitchen walls might have gained popularity in the food preparation industry, especially because of how you can clean the oil and grease accumulation from them. However, they come with certain limitations and lead you to repair and replace them frequently, amplifying their maintenance cost and disrupting the smooth functioning of the kitchen. The PVC wall and ceiling panels are much better alternatives with superior performance and lacking all of FRP’s drawbacks.

Avoid Discoloration and Swelling of the Kitchen Walls; cover them With PVC Wall Covering

The kitchen interior is bound to face moisture, heat, and water vapor from time resulting from cleaning and cooking, which can result in the degradation of the FRP wall panels. The adhesive bonding of the plastic to the backing board proves ineffective. Furthermore, the moisture and water can’t escape between the plastic and the backing layer, resulting in discoloring and swelling of the panel. Furthermore, the cellulose-based backing layer combines with moisture to become a food source for mildew and bacteria. Mold, mildew, and bacterial accumulation inside the commercial kitchen can dictate instant remediation. Restaurateurs must tear down the panels, replace them, generate repair bills, face disruption in their kitchen operation, and undergo downtime.

On the other hand, the truss-technology-made PVC panels don’t encourage mold and mildew growth because of their water-resistant ability. They are impervious to moisture attacks and water spills and continue to perform daily for about 100 years without any callbacks, ensuring your kitchen remains fully operational.

Stay Worry-Free from Dents and Impacts

The sturdy and highly-resilient PVC panels for kitchen walls are 4-5 times more long-lasting than FRP panels. Since they are impact and abuse resistant, they are not damaged by bruises and accidental bumps from food carts and other food-preparing machinery, heavy equipment, and forklifts. FRP wall panels can easily undergo dents as they don’t have withstanding power against impacts.

Experience Less Expensive Installation

Compared to FRP, which needs a professional installer to install them, the US-based commercial wall panels can be easily installed with the help of a novice. The interlocking tongue and groove mechanism turns their installation procedure quick and easy. Within 7-8 hours, the panel installation is done without a sweat. You are not required to keep your business shut for days, unlike in FRP wall panels, whose installation isn’t only complex and time-consuming.

Turn to Easy Cleanability Panels for Minimal Care

Most restaurateurs refrain from adding wall panels inside the commercial kitchen, fearing it might lead to much maintenance work. However, you need not pay attention to their cleanliness with FDA-compliant panels. Just some spritz of eco-friendly cleaning products and a damp cloth can retain their shine for years, unlike FRP, which comes with rough and edgy surfaces and makes cleaning time laborious and stressful. Dirt removal from FRP panels is always challenging; it includes a lot of scrubbing and sticking to a cleaning schedule. Taking care of PVC panels is relatively easier and doesn’t need you to invest in additional cleaning agents.

End the Odor-Challenges Inside Commercial Kitchen with PVC Wall Panels

Kitchen interiors that smell of food, oil, and leftovers are fatal for business growth. It further messes up with the hygiene and sanitation standards of the kitchen and leads it to undergo consequences during food safety and hygiene inspections. The constant humidity buildup gives birth to bad odor, which refuses to escape from the kitchen. The odor-resistant panels eliminate the excess humidity and keep the odor from customer-centric places at bay.

Fire-Resistant Vinyl Wallboards Prevent Accidents

Fire breakouts and related damages are common inside commercial kitchens, owing to the constant use of fuel. Adding fire-resistant wall covering can prevent your kitchen from undergoing any fire hazard. The Class A, 1-hour, fire-rated panels are designed to prevent fire breakouts from disrupting the business and causing damages for at least an hour.

Shop 100% Raw-Vinyl Made Panels Online. 

Whether upgrading your commercial kitchen or planning to build one, vinyl-made commercial kitchen wall panels are the right fit. You can shop for white seamless panels online and get them shipped to your location within two weeks. The easily customizable panels are in different lengths to suit your needs and are way more durable than FRP. Every commercial kitchen wall deserves to stay well-protected and covered with PVC sheets, owing to its benefits. Call the experts at 323-991-7507 for a free consultation on PVC panels