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PennCrest Bank has been operating for more than 120 years. According to Ritenour, the CEO, they encounter several challenges and are always independent in providing quality services.

The bank’s management services include; helping people save their retirement money and purchase a home. However, one can access the money if need be at any moment. Regarding their dedication, Bill Ritenour, the Chief Executive Officer, strives to achieve more than their client’s expectations. Other senior workers include John Beyer, the Vice President; Tim Bracken, the Chief Financial Officer; and Wendy Nagle, the senior Operation Officer.

 Where is the Bank located?

Well, the Bank has positioned its branches in the following towns; Altoona(Downtown Head Office), Gallitzin, Altoona(Pleasant Valley), Hollidaysburg, Cresson, Patton, and Nanty Glo, respectively.

Does the Bank offer loan service to its clients?

PennCrest Bank has various loan services, as listed below, depending on the client’s best fit.

  • Personal loan:

A personal loan will get instant approval for every qualified client. However, the services differ for various clients due to different needs. Hence the Bank has subdivided personal loans into in and out service, Auto loans, or personal line loans. All the mentioned personal loan types will allow the customer to purchase items such as vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and trucks. Also, clients are given professional guidance before deciding on the item they want to purchase. Also, one can negotiate to get a discount. A personal loan may be secured or unsecured.

  • Home Loan:-

Home Loan service is divided into several sections.

  • Home Mortgage Loan:

Home Mortgage loans have lower interest rates. It is accessible to the person purchasing a new home, constructing a home, or investment property. The maximum repayment period for this type of loan is 20 years. However, one can choose the available payment options that include biweekly and monthly, depending on one’s flow of income.

Regarding the tax issue, a home mortgage loan contains an interest that is tax deductible.

  • Home Equity Loan:

A home equity loan is a competitive service that caters to major events, education expenses, debt consolidation, and home improvements. The terms for repayment are flexible for up to 20 years.

  • Home Equity Lines of Credit:

Home Equity Lines of Credit is meant to cater to seasonal requirements or ongoing needs that include; emergency reserve, education expenses, improving a home, and debt settling, among others. The best thing about the service is every person has a unique schedule for repayment.

  • Business loan:

A business loan is the other services that the Bank offers. Moreover, it is divided into a few sectors, as listed below.

  • Commercial Real Estate Loan:

Commercial Real Estate Loan is meant to lend money to people in the real estate industry. However, the Bank is entitled to offer adequate knowledge to everyone who wants the service. Afterward, the client is supposed to repay the loan depending on the business’ uniqueness.

  • Business Term Loan:

Business Term Loan offers various services meant to improve businesses which include; working capital, commercial vehicles, revolving credit lines, improvement facilities, and machinery and equipment.

  • Small business administration loan:

Small business administration loans are accessible to both seasonal and long-term borrowers. The repayment strategy is unique to everyone depending on the nature of the business.

Is it possible for one to hack a bank account?

Unfortunately, fraud has become a threat to society. However, scammers use the information of one’s account information to carry on fraud activity. Hence, it is advisable to keep the account number and password secret.

Scammers mostly pretend to be our bank representatives inquiring about your bank details. Moreover, failing to reply to an email or a message from such fraudsters will keep everyone’s account safe.