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Digital Marketing Tips for Your Property Rental


Finding tenants for the rental property is easier said than done. 

While it appears that there are more tenants than homes, it is tricky to find the right tenant for the right house. Listing the property on relevant sites is no longer enough. 

You’ve got to do active marketing from your side to attract people looking to rent a home. What better than the internet for such purposes? 

It’s cost-effective, creative, and delivers good results with proper planning. 

Here are Some Crucial Digital Marketing Tips to Promote Your Property:

  • Follow SEO Best Practices for Listings 

SEO is a popular digital marketing strategy to increase the website rank and visibility on search engines. 

When you list your rental property on the internet, it needs to reach a large set of audiences. It boosts your likelihood of finding the right client for the property. 

However, getting more visibility on the internet requires time and effort. SEO practices like optimizing the headlines, writing unique and attractive descriptions, using the correct keywords, etc., are necessary to promote the listing on the digital platform. 

Focus on content- text, images, and videos to gain user attention and project it positively. In short, the listing should make them want to approach you immediately.  

  • Don’t Forget Competitive Pricing

The real estate industry is highly competitive. You need to align and sync the rental property prices with the average market rate in the region. Property owners are even reducing the amount to attract tenants. 

After all, it’s better to have a tenant than keep the property empty for too long, isn’t it? 

Use online rent estimate tools to calculate the best range for the property and check the pricing regularly. 

Search for other rental properties in the region and ensure that the difference in pricing is not too high. By emphasizing this difference, you can use this to your benefit and promote the property. 

  • Update the Contact Information 

When listing a property online, one of the prime things to do is to check your profile and update the contact information. Maybe you no longer use the email id displayed on your profile. Or users cannot find your phone number on the listing. You’ll miss a potential tenant because of this. 

If you have a Facebook business page or a GMB (Google My Business) profile, update the contact details. It also makes your listing authentic and adds credibility to it. Include the contact information in your posts and social media ads. 

See how Dallas Property rental agency added their address to their Facebook profile.

Add the details to the images and videos of the property so that users can immediately contact you if they like the listing information. 

  • Build a Social Media Presence 

Social media is a highly potential place to find prospective tenants for the rental property. There are  4.58 billion social media users as of July 2021. 

That equates to around 57% of the global population. Imagine the range of audiences your listings can reach if you are active on these platforms. 

See how this new jersey-based real estate agency has gained 2000+ followers on Twitter.

An active social media account will go a long way in promoting the listings on the internet. The fundamental elements you need to focus on are-

  • Increasing your followers/ friends 
  • Increasing interaction with other users 
  • Joining groups created specifically for the purpose 
  • Improve the post’s visibility 

The final aim is to increase rental applications and convert user interest into transactions. 

  • Share Useful and Valuable Content with Users 

You can’t go wrong with valuable content on digital platforms. People are always searching for information; if you can provide useful details, they will put you on the list. 

Don’t limit your social media/ internet interactions to ads and promotional posts. You must create worthy content where users learn something but don’t feel tricked or cheated for following you. 

Share posts, articles, blogs, infographics, videos, snippets, etc., about the local conditions, the real estate industry, and more. 

Show them your knowledge and experience. It will assure users that they can trust you. In short, you should increase your brand authority in the market. 

  • Create Events on Facebook 

Facebook has this great option called Events. The events can be conducted online or offline. You can still create it on Facebook and use it for promotions. 

Events allow you to add updates, invite people, pictures, videos, location maps, date and time, etc. You can share contact information with the event and run online ads. 

It will reach more users and increase visibility for rental property listings. You can go live and talk about the property or give general tips on renting. For example, you can create a series of events and post Facebook posts about a different topic every weekend.

See how this Texas-based real-estate agency created a series of events on Facebook.

  • Focus on the Visual Appeal 

Visuals are highly effective and much needed for real estate promotions. Take HD pictures and videos of the rental property and post them on the internet. Always keep a few pictures handy in case users ask. 

Get a photoshoot done by a professional. From arranging the furniture to getting the lighting right, a professional knows how to present the property in the best light. 

Not beat visual appeal in real estate. However, blurry and shaky pictures, low light images, etc., will ruin your chances of finding a good tenant. 

As the next-gen likes to say, ensure the visuals are Instagram-worthy, and your listings will automatically get more traffic. 

  • Highlight the amenities 

Another valuable aspect is the amenities of the rental property. Show prospective clients why they need to rent your property and how it will benefit them. 

Makes separate your listing from the competitors? 

Remember that even though the content is important, presenting the content matters more on digital platforms. Keep it simple, and keep it brief. 

Start by researching the topmost preferred amenities by tenants in the region. In-house laundry, air conditioning, parking spots, garage, etc., are some amenities that people value more. List the amenities as bullet points. 

Add a couple of pictures as proof so that prospective tenants can see and decide for themselves. Find a balance between a personal and professional tone. 

  • Virtual Tours are Trending 

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 has changed many industries. The real estate market is one of them. Virtual tours of hot rental properties have become a norm. One of the first questions clients seem to ask is whether they can get a virtual tour of the house. 

We’ve mentioned how creating Facebook Events can increase visibility. The same can apply to virtual tours. 

You can create Events and schedule live sessions to do a video tour of the house while users watch it from their respective places. Since users can comment on live videos, you can answer their questions or highlight the particulars of the property. It also lets you show the property to multiple clients at once. 

  • Who Are the Target Audience?

Understanding your target audience is the primary step in digital marketing. Who is the rental property aimed at? 

What kind of tenants are you on the lookout for? 

Is the rental property ideal for small families? Is it for senior citizens and empty nesters? 

Will young couples with kids find the property and the location convenient?  

Demographic research will help you identify the target audience. Your online promotions should be created based on whom you wish to attract. 

Social media platforms provide free analytics to cross-check whether your posts reach the target audiences. You can also track your competitors to understand the target market and develop a digital marketing strategy accordingly. 

  • Long-Tail Keywords Are More Effective 

Long-tail keywords are key phrases that are longer than the average keyword. These get lesser traffic but have a higher conversion rate and are more specific. 

According to Ahrefs, almost 70% of the searches contain four or more words. Moreover, Smart Insights says that long-tail keywords have a click-through rate of about 3-5% higher than the regular search rate. 

A long-tail keyword implies that users know what they are looking for and are more likely to convert into clients. 

For example, a person searching for ‘rent in the US’ may or may not want to lease a rental property. But a person searching for a ‘condo in Brooklyn’ or ‘rental home of elders in Houston’ is more likely to contact you when they see a listing of their choice. 

  • Paid Ad Campaigns Do the Job

Digital marketing is a combination of free and paid promotions. 

Social media ads and PPC campaigns are paid marketing strategies that can bring a rush of users to the listing and increase exposure. Sticking to only a single platform will limit your reach and give competitors more chances to attract prospective clients. 

Paid ads are easy to create and post on social media and search engines. You can decide the duration and the target audience for the ads. 

Take a look at these Google Paid ads.

You can track the ads’ progress and make changes to re-run the campaign and get better results. If you want to boost the rental property listing and close the deal sooner, a paid ad might help speed up the process. 

  • Show Your Professional Side 

We aren’t talking about your rental agency or how you interact offline with clients. Your professional side should be clear on the internet as well. 

Be it posts, ads, live videos, replies to comments and messages, or any other online interaction, users instantly identify you as an experienced professional from the real estate industry. 

Cristian Ward of San Diego SEO Inc. says, “Respond to comments and messages on time. Be polite, and answer the questions in clear words. Communication plays a crucial role in establishing your authority on digital platforms.”

Will prospective clients like a real estate agent who is seen arguing with other users on social media? 

Be professional even when you oppose a viewpoint or say to a client. 

  • Guest Blogging Brings Exposure 

Guest blogging is an off-page SEO tactic that gradually increases visibility on the internet. The first step to starting guest blogging is to find local publications. Search for business journals, websites, or news portals. 

Get in touch with them and offer to write a guest blog about the real estate industry. Since you aim to promote rental property listings, the guest blogs can be about the same topic. 

You can also add a backlink to the listing and get free exposure. It will help you reach a new set of readers who might be looking for rental property. Moreover, your credibility will increase if your blogs get published on reputed sites. 

  • Reciprocal Marketing Is a Thing 

No industry thrives in isolation, and the real estate market is not an exception to this rule. You don’t have to consider your competitors as enemies. Instead, add them on social media. Give them a shoutout when you can. 

Share their listings. Help them find a client, and they’ll do the same for you. 

Interact with landlords, lenders, investors, and other real estate agents. Spread the word on their behalf and tag them on the posts. It will expand your social circle. And when they reciprocate, your listings will reach their followers for free. 

Also, this positive approach will create a good impression on your followers. They’ll be more inclined and eager to have you as their property agent. 

  • Get on the Review Websites 

Nothing works like reviews from previous tenants do in bringing you more visibility. If you’ve taken care to provide your tenants with the required amenities, why not let the world know about it? 

Create a property page on the review websites. Send the link to your previous and existing tenants. Ask them to write a review/ recommendation about the property and your maintenance services. 

Reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc., also make a difference. However, having an exclusive page for it will come in handy during online promotions. The page will show up on the SERPs. Just make sure not to put too much pressure on the tenants for a review. 

  • Email Marketing to Share Updates 

Email marketing is where you send newsletters with updates and other information to people who have subscribed. It could be existing tenants and prospective tenants looking for property to rent. 

The newsletter can be about the latest changes to the property, the weather conditions, tips to care for the home, other vacant properties in the area, community events, and so on. 

You can even ask the existing tenants to refer the place to their friends and acquaintances. It will help spread the news and fill up vacant properties quickly. 

  • Forums for Searching Tenants 

You can search for tenants like a tenant would search for a home. Check out posts on platforms like Quora and Reddit and reply with details about your rental property. 

When people ask about cities and neighborhoods that are safer and suitable for families, students, elders, etc., you can respond with details about your neighborhood and highlight that you’ve got a vacant property that might suit them. 

When you sign up on Quora, mention your areas of interest as real estate, property management, etc. That way, you can get updates delivered straight to your inbox. There’s no need to search for posts extensively. 

Key Takeaways

  • Social media presence is a must to increase the reach of your listing 
  • Be creative with property pictures and videos 
  • Rely on video tours, live streaming, and video chat
  • Emphasize the amenities you provide
  • Understand your target audience to plan your strategy 
  • SEO practices work for rental property listing 
  • Be active on forums and share valuable information
  • Build a community by sharing other’s rental listings
  • Carefully invest in paid campaigns  


FAQs on Digital Marketing for Property Rental 

  1. What Is Rental Property Digital Marketing, And How Is It Used? 

Rental property digital marketing is also known as digital real estate marketing. It is the process of using paid and unpaid promotional strategies to engage online users and get prospective clients to rent and buy properties. The steps include the following-

  • Optimizing the listing 
  • Posting on social media 
  • Sharing images and videos 
  • Running paid ads 
  • Sending SMS, email, and mobile updates, etc. 

The aim is to attract suitable tenants for the listed rental properties. 

  • Is Facebook a good place to promote real estate property? 

Yes, Facebook is an excellent place to promote a rental property. There are Facebook groups where you can post the listings for free and interact with prospective tenants. You can create a Facebook business page and post the listings. 

You can also run ads from time to time to reach a broader target audience. Facebook page analytics help understand whether your efforts are bearing results or not. Facebook Live is also a great option. 

  1. What Process Should I Follow to List My Rental Property Ad on The Internet? 

It depends on where you wish to run the ad. Ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are easy. You can do them yourself. PPC ads are also run on the Google search engine. 

You’ll need to create a Google Ads account. Sign in to the account and click on Campaigns on the left menu. Select the goals or set them on your own. Finalize the details and start running the ad. 

  1. How Can I Promote My Rental Property Listing Without Spending Too Much Money? 

There are many ways to promote rental property listings without spending a lot of money on ads-

  • Create a landing page on the webpage for newsletter subscriptions 
  • Create a PDF file with a detailed article about renting and offer it as a free download 
  • Use your Facebook business page for promotions
  • Create a Twitter and Instagram account and share attractive pictures of the houses

Don’t forget the keywords in your posts to improve reach. 

  1. How Can I Promote My Vacation Rental Property Online? 

Start by advertising the vacation rental property on your local real estate websites. Provide pictures and all details about the amenities. 

Ensure that the contact information is up to date. You can also offer exclusive limited-period deals to attract more travelers. Contact travel bloggers to add your property under their recommendations. 

Check out Google Free Booking Links, which allows you to connect with travelers and rent a vacation property.