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David Anber’s Law Office explains the Key Differences Between a Defense Lawyer and a Criminal Lawyer

Ottawa, Canada, October 5, 2023 – Criminal lawyers and defense attorneys are knowledgeable legal professionals who can represent individuals or entities facing criminal allegations. While they both share the responsibility of defending their clients, there is a significant distinction between them. In urgent cases, it’s advisable to contact a Criminal Defence Lawyer, such as David Anber.

Defense lawyers advocate for individuals accused of criminal offenses, whereas criminal lawyers have the flexibility to operate in various roles. These professional terminologies often create confusion for many, but let’s dig deeper and find the differences between them

Who is a Defense Attorney?

A defense lawyer must defend their client accused of committing a crime. They protect their clients as they work by defending their legal client’s interests and legal rights. A defense attorney constructs a case after researching and obtaining evidence.

The Roles of a Defense Attorney

Apart from representing the defendant’s interests, the defense attorney, also has these roles:

Provide Legal Advice and Guidance to a Defendant

The attorney will explain the charges you’re facing, potential penalties, and possible options available for you. They will also advise you on legal strategies and their outcomes in the case. After evaluating your case, your attorney will advise you to plead guilty, go to trial, or pursue a plea bargain.

Investigate the Case

A defense attorney will review the evidence against you, like witnesses’ statements, Police reports, and physical evidence. They will conduct more investigations, like hiring experts and seeking additional evidence to build a solid defense. This may help mitigate your case, like reduced penalties or charges.

Court Representation

You must hire a defense attorney, and they will represent your case in court, argue on your behalf, and question the prosecution witnesses. They present evidence and make closing arguments that may convince the jury of your innocence or mitigate penalties or charges.

Negotiate with the Prosecutor

It’s the role of your defense attorney to plea bargain with the prosecutor to ensure your charges are dropped or reduced. They will discuss possible plea deals with the prosecutor and ensure you get reduced charges or a lighter sentence in exchange for your pleading guilty. This might be a better chance than the case going to trial.

Who is a Criminal Attorney?

A criminal lawyer is an attorney with knowledge of criminal law and other areas such as forensics, DNA, and other necessary fields that they use to challenge a prosecutor. The criminal attorneys are categorized into private criminal attorneys and the court-appointed lawyers the government provides to defendants. A criminal lawyer may work in different capacities like;

Prosecutor (Public or Private)

A criminal attorney can be a prosecutor and bring criminal charges against people and organizations in court. Their role is to build the case for their clients and prove the guilt of the defendant beyond reasonable doubt

Private Practitioners

The duties of a criminal lawyer are to defend the interest of their client accused of criminal charges. They also investigate the case with facts according to law and analyze the prosecutors’ case. These attorneys are skilled in negotiating with a prosecutor, formulating plea bargains, and identifying the defense witnesses.

Public Defenders

Criminal lawyers can also be appointed public defenders appointed by the courts to represent people who can’t afford a private lawyer. They protect the defender’s rights and interests through the trial. This shows a criminal layer will work in different capacities and fit perfectly.


Although there’s a misconception that defense and criminal attorneys are the same, you have learned the difference between them. A defense attorney is practical and helps clients with criminal charges, while a criminal attorney is an expert in trial tactics and can work in different fields.