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Dang Tra Xuan Minh: Gen Z singer famous for his “Million View Hits” in Vietnam

In the past 2 years, a series of artists of Generation Z (young people born in 2000 or later) have continuously appeared and blew new winds for Vietnamese music.  Recently, the audience continues to welcome a potential Gen Z artist with a very elite name: Dang Tra Xuan Minh (Đặng Trà Xuân Minh)

Dang Tra Xuan Minh, born in 2002, just turned 21 years old.  As a rookie with a bright appearance, good voice, stable song processing skills, Xuan Minh is often mentioned with Hit songs on Youtube, but few people know that this guy has a relatively solid music background.

Although still young, Xuan Minh clearly showed his musical talent when he was able to both compose and perform songs such as: Mother’s Day(Ngày Của Mẹ), I hope one day I will remember you(Mong một ngày anh nhớ đến em)… After graduating from high school, Xuan Minh  became a student of the IT department of Duy Tan University in Da Nang and is orienting herself to become a famous singer but still double majoring in order to develop her own abilities.

Known to many young people with music products on social networks, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok… but Xuan Minh does not want the audience to see himself as a content creator as a professional singer. “For Xuan Minh, social networking is the fastest way to reach the audience.” No matter what platform a product is famous on, people will know it through music. In addition, Xuan

Minh also wishes that his music products will touch the hearts of the audience with his talent and efforts in music, not creating tricks and scandals to become famous”, Xuan Minh confided.

Sharing about two songs is “Ngày của mẹ(Mother’s Day)”, “Mong một ngày anh nhớ đến em”, Xuan Minh… said that the hit song “Mother’s Day” was composed by myself, “Mong một ngày anh nhớ đến em” was also produced by myself. And edit merge. In addition, the recording during the production process encountered many difficulties, had to take place in a “homegrown” situation, sometimes Xuan Minh had to “cover a blanket” to record clearly and to avoid noise, then send it over to your partner for complete processing.

Xuan Minh added, “Without the help of friends and associates, Xuan Minh alone could not have produced such a perfect product”.  Xuan Minh is very grateful to everyone who helped to come up with some interesting cover products, giving the audience a bit of entertainment and mental relaxation.

In 2023, this gen Z wants to change his student image to become more personal and gritty. Xuan Minh also revealed that he will release songs with different musical colors than his forte genres, which are pop ballads and R&B. It can be said that this year will be an extremely important year for Xuan Minh. Xuan Minh will assert his talent and position with new “hits” and conquer new heights.”